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Childrens’ Ruler Growth Chart | Killer b. Designs



Childrens’ Ruler Growth Chart

I know you’ve probably seen these around Blogland before, in fact I already made one for Charlie’s room over a year ago! I bought this 1×8 board with a DIY Baby Chair in mind, but ultimately decided to make the chair out of harder wood for more stability. So, what to do with a six foot long spare board? Make another ruler!

I’m not sure whether I’m going to sell this or gift it, but either way someone is going to enjoy it! I chose to give it one coat of Rustoleum’s Ultimate Stain in Golden Oak, paint my marks and numbers with gloss black latex paint, then seal with two coats of spray poly. This project took less than one hour of actual work time, and about $7 in materials. It’s a more classic look in comparison to the funky one I made Charlie out of Cedar and lime green paint.

If you want to check out my tutorial on how I made these, click on over here!

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  1. Nellie (@Nellie_Tran)

    I love the idea of making something beautiful from scraps. I love both your classic and your Charlie’s version!

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