Chasing Darkness

Every parent will say that the first few years of raising a child are pretty rough. For example, how did I not know there was an 18 month “wakeful period”, and things called “wonder weeks” which basically mean that any time Charlie has a burst of new accomplishments her sleep is non-existent? Well, little miss started making word combos (baby cow, dis mama mine, hungee eat?) and for the past three nights she’s been waking up and yelling at us. Awesome. So in an attempt to get more sleep myself, I’ve been doing some housework! For starters, a bedroom door!

Oh, I am sooo excited. Now I can shut the door and take a nap on Sunday! We saved this one for the end because it’s an 8 footer, which is pretty uncommon for standard doors. It’s normally a special order thing. And since I’m on a reclaimed kick, I visited a local specialty door shop that had a stash of reclaimed doors outside. So I bought this solid wood beauty for less than $500, when special order doors start out at $1000+. Saving cash and resources all at the same time! Oh, and the kicker? I installed this sucker myself! I built the frame, found three old door hinges in my dad’s shop, chiseled out the spaces and screwed everything in place. Then my mom stopped by to help place it in the hinges and voila! Privacy!

And yes, the house is kind of chaotic right now. Rainy days mean muddy paws and stir-crazy toddlers.

I still have a bit of trim work to finish, and the door needs some repair from the water damage of sitting outside for so long. But its getting there. I also snagged some blackout shades and curtains to help curb the light in this room. Even so, there’s a large panoramic window above the bed that’s been plaguing me. It’s in the perfect path for the moon to shine in my face nearly every night, and the sun hits me each morning. I wanted something a bit more original than curtains, also because I didn’t want the window to be hidden all the time. Just at sleeping times. So, what to do?

Add shutters! I had some shutters for a lantern project that didn’t work out, and they were nearly perfect for this space. I had to build them up a bit, but once they’re all painted white I don’t think the added wood will be nearly as obvious as it is now.

Once they’re painted and pretty I’ll post my tutorial for how I got them in place. It was even easier than I thought it would be, and works like a charm. I may even add some dark fabric behind them down the line to block even more light.

So that’s what I’ve been up to lately! I’m hoping to get even more done this weekend, with the warm weather finally here to stay. This last cold snap nearly did me in. I’m much more energetic when it’s hot outside. Anybody else been busy this week?


One thought on “Chasing Darkness

  1. I work at night so darkness during the day is essential for sleeping. I have shutters in my windows now but it’s not enough. the sunlight finds every crook and cranny. So what I am planning is this: Buy upholstery fabric for curtains. They’re thick and will block out the light especially when placed flush to the wall not hanging on a rod..

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