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Charlie’s Restaurant Style Highchair | Killer b. Designs



Charlie’s Restaurant Style Highchair

A few days before Thanksgiving, my mom mentioned that she wished she had a restaurant-style highchair instead of the bulky contraption she was currently working with. I knew I’d seen a plan for one over at my gal Ana’s website, and took a look at it. They looked so easy! All I needed to buy were three 1×2’s and use scrap wood for the seat and back. It was a done deal. For less than $10, I had an adorable customized highchair perfect for my little lass!

I had the cuts made and the chair built in about an hour. I gave it a good sanding, then it was time to finish it. I started out trying to use RIT dye like I did on Charlie’s play kitchen, but I didn’t dilute it nearly enough and it came out an ugly forest green. Blech. So I painted over it in a bright lime green instead!
I decided not to fill the pocket holes mostly because I’m lazy about finishing and the kreg plugs don’t fit when I build with 1″ thick wood. I have to cut them down by holding them with pliers over my table saw and it gives me the willies. So I just sanded the heck out of them and painted over it. I think they’re pretty camouflaged and Charlie isn’t too eager to poke her fingers in them.
By far my favorite thing about the chair is her name on the back. My mom cut the pink vinyl with her Cricut and I just stuck it on the back.

After the name was on, I gave the chair three coats of poly so it can be easily wiped down. Then it was time for straps!

I bought $3 worth of 1″ hot pink webbing from Hobby Lobby. The front is just looped over the top so I didn’t have to worry about splitting that front 1×2 with a screw.

I used two short screws for each strap. Then I just popped Charlie in to get an idea on how long to make the buckle straps and wove in the parachute buckle. They run about a buck or so.

I cannot stress how much better this chair is! The old chair couldn’t fit under the table, so Charlie really had to stretch to reach her food. That meant lots of spills and dropped food. Now it slides perfectly below the tabletop so little missy can scoot right up close and get personal with her food! Now if only she could figure out that buckle…

Next I’ll have to build one for our house! I’m thinking that one will be orange :)



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  1. Kelli

    Oh, I love this! I, too, really dislike those huge highchairs. We had one for my first, but ended up selling it because it just took up too much space. The only one that seemed to work for us is Ikea’s cheapo version – so light, and compact. Only problem, though, it doesn’t quite fit with our dining & breakfast tables. I love how this one can be custom made so your little ones can actually eat with you at the table. Plus, just think of all the custom painting possibilities!

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      Another bonus? It’s solid wood, no chemicals at all! Plus it can be stained for a high end look.

  2. Amanda

    So, so cute! I love how this turned out!

  3. Sarah

    Her pretty whispy hair is starting to grow longer! Beautiful child and great project!

    1. Thank you Sarah! She’s finally getting a full little head of hair. I love how it’s curly at the bottom, I can’t keep my hands off it :)


    This is just adorable–but not as much as Charlie! I’m trying to figure out why a beautiful girl like you is called “Killer,” and why that beautiful girl is called Charlie, although it is a super-cute name for a little girl.

    1. Why thank you! Charlie’s full name is actually “Charlotte” and I’m Brooke (the b. in Killer b.). We also call her Charles sometimes, to the chagrin of over-hearers 😉


        Thanks so much for the response! Charlotte is a lovely “old-fashioned” name, but Charlie is SO much cuter for a little girl. “Charles” sounds like something I would do. I am obsessed with middle names, and if someone won’t reveal theirs, they become “whomever Marie.” I once worked for three male attorneys: Ken Marie, John Marie, and David Marie. Ken and John soon fessed up to their real middle names, but David remained David Marie for years–he still was when I quit that job. I wish I had thought of nicknaming myself Killer about 50 years ago–I think my life might have easier and more fun!

        1. How funny! Well, Brooke is my middle name. And ironically Marie is my sister’s middle name 😉 But she was an 80’s child and probably 40% have Marie as a middle name!

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