Charlie’s First Yearbook with Blurb

I’ve been hard at work on this project for the past two months before Charlie’s birthday. With a year’s worth of photos of our precious baby girl stored on my computer, I was looking for a good way to show them off. I’ve heard people talk about making “yearbooks” instead of traditional printed photographs in an album. So that’s what I decided to do!

I chose Blurb because I love their products. In fact, I used them for our wedding album, which is pretty much awesome.

I chose a 7×7 “brag book” because they’re easy to carry around and store. The paper quality is fabulous, and I love all the font options. For the cover, I used the birth announcement I designed last August with her birthday and weight/height. I chose to keep the spine nice and simple.

The back is a mashup of her 12 monthly photos:

I had so much fun coming up with the layout! For the first image, I chose the predictions her dad and I came up with before she was born. It’s going to be so much fun to look back and remember these and see how we stacked up.

Then we moved on to bump photos and the belly pic right before we headed to the hospital:

And then the birth! No worries, I didn’t include any “gross” stuff for you guys 😉

She was so little! From there things started to get fun. I took her monthly photo on a green striped Mexican blanket, so to balance the spread I took a picture of the plain blanket devoid of baby to title each month and include a handful of fun facts she did that month.

I loved the idea of keeping track of her first smile, first giggle, first steps. But, I’m horrible with writing stuff down. So I pinpointed it down to each month it happened in and shared in the title page. It was so much fun to look back on all she did!

After I finished all 12 months, I added in her birthday party photos. So now she can look back later and see all the love her family has for her!

I am absolutely thrilled with how the yearbook turned out. I didn’t want to skimp on images either. This book is a whopping 240 pages! I used an average of 15 snapshots for each month. It was more than enough to laugh at all her silly faces and smile at the memories we made. Plus it’s the perfect size to fit in the diaper bag to show off to all the family! I need to order more for her grandmas too 🙂 So, what was the damage?

240 pages with softcover plus shipping and the 15% discount came out to $45. Not too shabby! Considering just how hefty this book is, I’m happy with that number. I’ve had absolutely no issues with my wedding album (which is two years old now) so I’m not worried about it falling apart. Now I’m getting really excited to make more for each year!

As a Blurb affiliate, this is a sponsored post (though I paid for the book myself, it’s not a freebie!) I’m a huge fan of Blurb and their products and encourage you to make a book today!

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