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Charlie Turns One: Hometown Party | Killer b. Designs



Charlie Turns One: Hometown Party

Whew! We made it through our very first birthday party. I guess I didn’t realize just how exhausting these were? We had about 20 friends and family here to celebrate our little monkey. She wore the new shoes her daddy bought her and a very appropriate “Happy” ice cream shirt and rainbow skirt. The “theme” was pretty loose. Summery and bright, I wanted to use happy colors like lime and pink and orange and purple. Here’s the invitation I made to use for our Facebook event invite (yes, I used Facebook to invite guests! It may be crazy, but it saved wasting paper and cash on something people throw away anyway).

Cute and simple. I decorated the window behind our coffee table so it would double as a backdrop for the cake smash.

I kept it super simple. The green fabric is an old shower curtain. I used some scrap 1/2″ plywood to cut some triangles, drilled two holes in the top and covered them with chalkboard paint. Bam! A super easy and simple bunting banner that can be reused for any holiday. I strung them together with orange ribbon and stapled them to the wall.

For the “streamers” I got even more recycle happy! I used my 1″ scalloped hole punch on magazine ads. Then I punched two holes with a single hole punch, and strung them together on lime green yarn I had on hand from old yarn wreath projects. I added in some 4×6 snapshots Jacob had printed out when he was headed to a family reunion.

It’s a lot cuter than you’d expect some magazine clippings, photos and string to look right? It took about two hours to punch out all the pieces and string 4 strands together. I did it after Charlie went to bed while I had some veg out time in front of the tv.

As far as the spread, I wanted to keep it simple with appetizers and dessert options. I joked with Jacob that I outsourced our party. I’m not sure if having generous guests is common everywhere, but people kept asking, “What can I bring?” So I’d ask for something simple, like a small appetizer or some drinks. Our in-laws brought mini weenies, deviled eggs, ranch dip and chips as well as a jug of sweet tea. A friend of mine made the chicken salad sandwiches (which were to die for and I stuffed my face with them) and “crack pretzels”. We bought some sugar cookies, a meat and cheese plate, and I baked the cupcakes and Charlie’s smash cake.

I used the Pinterest trick to spice up my box strawberry cake mix to bake  two mini cakes in small circle pyrex dishes, stacked them and covered it with a can of frosting. The M&M’s are a small bag of dark chocolate raspberry that came in different shades of red and pink. Though when someone asked if they were yogurt drops, I totally facepalmed. That would have been SO much better! She had a hard time with the m&m’s. Plus she loves yogurt drops. If I decide to do a smash cake photo shoot, it will be with yogurt drops!

As soon as everyone arrived and had started munching on food we broke into the presents. Charlie loves opening presents. She had a blast!

Hunter, her baby boyfriend, helped to lend a hand too. Babies love balls 😉 Once we finished presents, it was time to do the cake!

Dad lit the candle for her.

We sang to her, then blew out the candle.

She wasn’t sure what to do with it.

This was about as smashed as it got 😉 What she really wanted to do was get back on the floor and play with all those balls! It was a fabulous party, and I’m glad we were all able to get together to celebrate. It was very low-key, but still so much fun. We got a lot of really cute photos to remember it by. Happy Birthday baby girl!



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  1. loveandrenovations

    That looks like a perfect first birthday party! Can’t believe she’s getting so big already!

  2. Mary

    I just have to tell you Charlie is so freaking cute! We went low key for my grandson’s first b-day last year. I ordered a small sheetcake and the store I got it from threw in the smash cake. He, unlike Charlie, demolished it!

  3. Coastinganon (@Coastinganon)

    Every time I see another 1 year party I am totally in shock that the kid is 1 year already…which is just to say that I am in COMPLETE DENIAL that our youngest’s 1st birthday is right around the corner!!

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      It’s really weird, isn’t it? I’m over the moon that she’s one though! I’m loving this stage she is in. I think it’s the first one I’m going to really miss. The infant age was just so rough, I’m happy it’s over already! Now the fun really starts 😉

  4. Carol

    What a great party! I loved the decorations – they were so creative. It looked like Charlie had a great time.

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