Charlie and the Little Green Pouch

Have you heard of the Little Green Pouch? It’s awesome. As mama to a toddler, we discovered those disposable food pouches early on. They’re awesome, aren’t they? No mess food options and baby can eat them all by himself. But what about all that waste? I hated just tossing them every time. I also wasn’t a huge fan of not knowing what ingredients were in the purees. Call me crunchy, but I really do enjoy making food for my baby. I like the process of peeling and steaming and mixing. I like knowing exactly what she’s eating. So when I stumbled across this website for reusable food pouches, I snatched some up!

They come in packages of four for $15, which is pretty reasonable in my opinion. The top opens for easy filling and cleaning. And Charlie is a big fan of the pouch. Mom’s cooking? Meh.

We’re still working on it πŸ˜‰ Luckily the website offers tons of free recipes for yummy fillings! I’m going to have to try them all and see what she likes. This pack was filled with a pear/apple/mango/banana mixture. I think I overdid it on the flavors.

Oh, well, she ate it anyway! I’m so happy to have these reusable pouches. It’s so easy to pop them in a sink of soapy water and rinse them out to reuse later. I fell a lot less guilty about tossing pouches and creating waste! And soon I hope to get even more into Hippie Mom territory and start growing veggies to use in her homemade food pouches πŸ˜‰ Hopefully my black thumb won’t takeover and massacre all the plants!

*In other news*

On Monday, this happened:

Yup. I broke my foot πŸ™ I was carrying Charlie down the garage steps to put her in the car, and my ankle rolled out from under me on the first step. I dropped everything (including myself) in order to make a human cage around her so she wouldn’t get hurt on the concrete ground. Which she didn’t, thank heavens! She’s a-ok. Me though? I crashed down on my foot and broke my 5th metatarsal. Right now I don’t require surgery, so long as I’m a good patient and stay on crutches for a week or so. Which is pretty much horrible when you have a toddler. And are building a house. But, such is life. My poor foot isn’t going to be walk-able any time soon

Yowza. I’m hoping for a swift recovery and to be off crutches next week! I’ll be in the walking shoe for about a month though. I’m sure it’s going to be interesting to build cabinets in a shoe!

*this was not a sponsored post. I just want to spread the word about these great little pouches!*


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