Chalkboard French-Style Closet Doors

In preparation for Charlie’s little sister this fall, we are getting her big girl room ready for sleeping in. One of the last tasks (other than bolting all the furniture to the walls because I’m a paranoid freak) was to add some closet doors. Originally I hadn’t planned on any. Then one day while admiring the built-ins I made in there, I realized that they looked exactly like ladders. Ladders of DEATH! So it was time to seal in the closet until she’s old enough to understand that closet shelves aren’t for climbing.

See what I mean? Perfect for climbing. I did a quick poll among friends to ask what their favorite style of closet doors was, and hands down it was French style. So I took some measurements, hooked up the trailer, and set off for Home Depot to pick up the only plywood I trust, PureBond. (for those of you who haven’t heard my schpiel on it yet, it’s formaldehyde free, ethically sourced hardwood plywood from the good ol’ USofA. I got me some standards now when it comes to my lumber!) I had the associates cut the doors exactly to size right there for me, so these were a cinch to install.

I took them home, gave them two coats of rolled-on chalkboard paint, then measured for 1×4 cedar trim to match the rest of the room. My little helper watched me screw them into the plywood, and then the doors were ready to hang. Really, it was that easy!

I used three gate hinges on each door, and a hasp for the closure so it would be easy for an adult but too high and difficult for a toddler to open alone.

They fit in well with the room, and I’m happy I went with this style! If she ever gets bored with the chalkboard, we can always cover one side in cork or flashing for magnetic or push pin decorating. You could also cover it with batting and fabric for an upholstered look. There really are a million options here.

It’s still easy to access the closet, and now I can close it up when I don’t want a little gremlin in there pulling things off shelves and throwing shoes around. Winning for everybody! So if you’re looking for a unique (and affordable!) option for doors, this may be a good fit for you too. Two sheets of PureBond runs about $100, with enough scrap leftover for a desk, you know, if you need one 😉 Maybe even a bookcase! Or you may get lucky and only need one sheet of wood. But it’s still cheaper than those hollow bi-fold doors, and looks a dozen times better. Plus, you get to decorate them!! I found a cute design on Pinterest for the Charlie stats, and snagged an excerpt from Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone for my first artwork. I’m excited to leave her sweet messages and pictures as she grows up. Memories in the making people!


5 thoughts on “Chalkboard French-Style Closet Doors

  1. What was the thickness of the plywood? I am buying a house that does not have a single closet door. This looks like a lovely idea. Thanks for posting this.

    1. Hi Nancy, the plywood was 3/4″ PureBond birch ply. I wanted it to be thick enough to prevent any warping over the years. If you don’t want chalkboard, they would also look beautiful stained. I also have a post going up today with the same idea but with corrugated tin. I’m planning on doing this to the inside of the doors once I pick up a bit more steam

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