So, I caved. I finally gave in and made a Facebook page for Killer b. Designs. And look! I already have some friends! Well, fancy that. So, if you would like to have more fun updates and sneak peeks on what projects I’ve got going on, go ahead and like my page. I promise that I’ll never pull the whole “Like my page and leave fifty comments and one will be randomly chosen for an obscure giveaway!” on you. It’ll just have goodies like this:

That’s my fireplace, primed and ready for paint. It took three weeks of off-an-on work when I could sneak it in, and is finally done! Oh, and ps that ladder is super crazy high (our ceilings are like 15′ or something ridiculous) and I’m really afraid of heights. So that was an interesting experience. I wanted so badly to just get it over with that I didn’t finish up until after midnight, which is crazy talk when you have a newborn. Voluntarily denying myself sleep was not a good idea! Because of course that meant Charlie needed to wake up 4 times (2 times more than “normal”) and toss in a loud endless crying jag. Perfect. Anyway, it’s done now, and I can get to the fun stuff, color!

So if you like, go ahead and become a fan of my Facebook page and pop on over. I’ll be adding galleries of all my projects so they’ll be easy to browse through for inspiration. And thanks so much for reading! It totally makes my day 🙂