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Cedar Gallery Ledges for Books and Animals | Killer b. Designs



Cedar Gallery Ledges for Books and Animals

cedar gallery book ledges


The nursery has a strange little inset wall next to the closet, a wall that was absolutely perfect for some of Ana’s $10 Gallery Ledges! I chose to do these in cedar, not only because they match the trim, but mainly because I didn’t feel like painting pine shelves. I’m at the point where the quicker, the better when it comes to build projects. Plus I’ve always kind of hated finishing!



I have seven three-foot-long shelves, starting at about 20 inches up from the ground. It’s not necessarily for books, later it can be a photo display or a spot to house small toys. I plan on replacing the sea turtle at the top with a newborn photo once little Caroline makes her appearance.

cedar-ledgesI didn’t do anything fancy with construction, I simply countersunk the holes for 1 1/4″ gold colored screws that blend in well with the cedar tones. Then I drilled them directly into wall studs for stability.

killerbdesigns cedar gallery ledges for books


I grabbed a few books from Charlie’s collection to fill up the shelves, and as you can see they aren’t really meant for taller books! Other than that, they work great and I love the look of them in the room. In other news, remember that stuffed animal hammock I made from a stroller mosquito net for Charlie?



Yeah, that didn’t really work out. I wasn’t quite in love with the look, and since we’ve moved her into her big girl bed she’s been grabbing and pulling on the netting. Well, hanging on it is more like it! And all my paranoid mama-brain could envision was the net pulling out of the wall and her going tumbling down over the bed and smashing her head on the floor. So, I nixed them and replaced them with sturdy cedar gallery shelves.

cedar-gallery-ledges-animalsMuch better. Not only does it force us to keep the collection from getting out of control, but they’re a bit high for her reach right now so she can’t hang on them. Even so, they’re screwed directly into three studs for strength and stability. Those aren’t going anywhere, Mama made sure of that!

killerbdesigns cedar ledges for stuffed animalsPlus, it just looks a lot more polished than the “hammock” nets did. My mom brought down all of my sister and my old collection of large stuffed Ty animals for Charlie to play with and they’ve been a big hit. Not bad for 20 year old toys, right? I just gave them a run through the wash and they’re as good as new.

These $10 Gallery Ledges really are a versatile piece of decor, and they are super easy to build. I cut the lumber at home, but you can always get it cut in store to haul it home. All I needed was a countersink bit and a drill. Cedar tends to split easily (so does pine for that matter), so you need to go slow when you drill in the screws. But this only took about an hour to put nine shelves together, and another hour–ish to get them on the wall. It’s a quick, cheap, and easy upgrade that looks great and lasts for years to come!






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  1. Ellie

    You are the master of space utilization. In all the pics of your home, there’s always visual interest at every level, even up the walls and on the cabinets. Awesomeness.

    1. Brooke

      I look forward to all of your comments because you always say the kindest, most thoughtful things. Thank you Ellie!

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