Cedar Built-In Closet System: A How-To

I’m going to pre-apologize for the epic awful-ness of the photos in this post. My closet is on one hand massive (height and length wise) and tiny (width-wise) so it’s pretty much impossible to get any decent angles. I also have the dimmest lights on the planet in there (IKEA’s LOCK – don’t get these!) so I had to use my flash. Yuck. Anyway, this was the current state of our master closet. I’d gotten two rods hung on each side, and everything else just piled up while I figured out how I wanted to do my built-ins. And yes, that’s a ballet-performing zombie eating a bleeding heart. I heart zombies. She makes me feel purdy when I get dressed.

Okay, now that you’ve beheld my disorganized glory, let’s get to the good stuff. The organizer! I spent about $250 and 2.5 hours on my plan, and it’s huge. Like 10 feet long by 8 feet tall huge. I couldn’t snap a pic of it in its entirety, so I stitched together a botched up view of it in Photoshop.

Please pretend you’re looking at it straight on and it’s a lovely rectangle. Here’s what one unit looks like alone:

LOTS of storage space! I planned, built and installed it all myself, so don’t feel too intimidated. If a toddler-whipped, sleep-deprived munchkin-person can do it, YOU can too! Want to know how? Here’s how easy it is!


2 thoughts on “Cedar Built-In Closet System: A How-To

  1. Killer I think you did a great job. Do you have future plans to line the walls with cedar? Also I could not tell if the shelves were adjustable. If not consider buying a Kreg shelf pin jig and making a few adjustable. I have the jig and it is really fast and accurate. I look forward to your finished product – if it is ever finished. We are never done are we?

    1. Nope, never done! I was joking the other day that by the time I get all the projects on my to-do list I’ll be ready to start remodeling 😉 My shelves aren’t adjustable, but I think I’ll take your advice and invest in a shelf pin jig. It’s one of those things that’s so handy when you have it. I’m not planning on lining the walls, but I am doing all my wall trim in cedar 1×4’s so the closet blends in. I’m adding a large mirror to the center, and possibly some hooks on the sides for belts and such.

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