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Tutorial | Killer b. Designs - Part 2

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Family Tree Quilt: A How-To

quilt step 11

Alright, you’ve seen the quilt, now it’s time to find out how you can do it yourself! The total cost was just under $50. I used an old sheet set for the backing and border, which really helped offset fabric costs. If you don’t have one to use (or are uncomfortable thrifting some) it will …

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Photo Keychains: A How-To

step 3

I posted a while ago about an adorable charm bracelet and necklace my mom gave me as a gift. She made charms featuring my favorite subject (my baby girl) and turned them into jewelry. This was totally up my alley, and it’s really versatile. So for Christmas, I made a few photo charm keychains using …

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$10 Book Tower

book tower 7

So, I’m kind of a book fiend. Nothing beats a sunny afternoon on a porch swing with a good book. I love my Nook when it comes to reading “fluff”. You know, the stuff you read maybe once or twice and then have to take to the resale shop. But when it comes to my …

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WordPress Tutorial: Thumbnail Archives

Picture 10

So a lot of folks blog these days. It’s no secret that WordPress is a powerful platform for building websites, especially blogs (duh!) Even though I went to college to get a degree in Graphic Design, surprisingly we only spent one semester learning Dreamweaver for the “web” portion of our program. I look back and …

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Faux Capiz Shell Screen: A How-To


So yesterday when I posted about my awesome laundry hutch, I showed some pictures of my faux capiz shell screen I made to hide the appliance hardware. Originally I wanted to find one of those beaded door curtains with black sparkly things, but it would have run me a minimum of twenty big ones. Since …

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Perpetual Calendar: A How-To


I’ve been looking for ways to utilize my scrap wood pile, and today a perpetual calendar fit the bill! It’s easily a free project, and can add some rustic or even modern decor to you home. It’s all in the finishing. I’m really not a fan of the hand-painted lettering I did here, so I …

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$2 Wood Tealight Centerpiece


Have you seen chunky wooden tealight votive centerpieces? You can find them on Esty, as well as places like Pottery Barn catalogs and gift shops. I made a few of these for Christmas presents last year, but none of this size or with a distressed finish. All you need to do it are a few …

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IKEA Hack: Lantern to Lamp How-To


I was using an IKEA Grono table lamp as a nightlight of sorts in the nursery for when I have to get up for late-night feedings. I had it perched on the window sill next to the trundle bed we had set up, and during a particularly vigorous romp with our heeler, the lamp shattered. …

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Laminated Place Mats: A How-To

step 7

One project that’s taken me a ridiculously long time to get around to have been my high-chair place mats. I finished painting the chair weeks ago, and have had all the supplies. For some reason I just couldn’t get motivated to do this until today! It’s a super simple project, and you can use it …

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Build a Custom Frame: A How-To


Have you ever had a photo or piece of art that you needed to frame, but it’s not even close to a standard size? Custom framing at a specialty shop can get pricey fast. So save yourself a little cash, and build one yourself! You only need a few simple tools, and a little know-how. …

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Sleeping Mask: A How-To


Yesterday was a rough day. I woke up after barely sleeping at all because of a horrible migraine that just wouldn’t quit. I had one last month, and not only could I not kick it after two days, it sent me into premature labor! I was kind of hoping this meant I’d start contracting again, …

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Map Heart Art


After posting my top 5 design loves and hates, I fell in love all over again with sweet little map hearts. So like any self-respecting DIYer, I ran straight for my local Hobby Lobby to get things started. Here’s how to do your own map art for only $3 each.

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Blue Barn Door: How-To

I’ve been lusting over interior barn doors for ages. Ever since I saw their rustic beauty, I knew I had to have one. When we moved into our new home and started living in a master suite with no door to the bathroom, I knew this door would be the perfect solution. After doing a …

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From Chair to Garden Planter: A How-To


You may have seen my chair planter make its debut in my Design Throwdown post (and if you haven’t, go vote!) So, how do you take a chair from run-down curbside find, Before: To lovely aqua fabulousness? After: Read More to find out how!

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Rustic Cooler: A How-To


I’m smitten with rustic coolers. If you’re in the Southwest region, you’ve probably seen them at HEB or Cabelas, or pretty much any hardware store. They’re just awesome! Sadly, they retail from $100 and up (like this $279 beauty from Cunningham Living) and it wasn’t really in our budget to buy one. Yet when my …

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Quick and Dirty Clock ReDo: A How-To


Last October, I bought this $4 Target clock for my little sister-in-law’s bedroom makeover. I had good intentions to give it a little facelift and put it in her room. Yet somehow time slipped away, and now it’s 8 months later and I had to finally do something with this clock. And if you’re interested …

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Outdoor Tiled Table: A How-To

Whew! It’s finished. This 3-day marathon build definitely tried my limits as a third-trimester giant preggo. The hubs and I built a fabulous, sturdy, solid tiled table that we can use for outdoor dining. The best part was that all the tile was reclaimed. The square tiles are from my parents’ old outdoor kitchen which …

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Upholstered Bucket Ottoman: A How-To


Sometimes when I see a project, it takes over my mind and body until it becomes an obsession to get it done. That’s what happened yesterday when I saw this image on Curbly. These amazing bucket ottomans come from a fabulous shop in South Africa, Recreate. This particular one has sold, but there’s another fabulous …

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