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DIY All Natural Tinted Lip Balm Recipe


  Part of my zero waste initiative of 2015 has been to start making my own toiletries and beauty products. For the most part, I use recipes I find online, but sometimes I tweak and alter them until I have something that fits my tastes. This is one of those recipes. I’ve been trying out …

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Kids Modern Activity Coffee Table: A How-To


ย Every holiday, I feel a strong urge to build something for my girls. Typically, this urge hits within five days of said holiday. Any holiday. This time it was Valentines Day, because, well, why not? I had some leftover Purebond in the garage from Christmas, and it happened to be the perfect size for a …

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DIY Wood Couch Sleeves from Scraps: A How-To


I think anyone with small children or a home full of animals can attest that furniture always pays the price. My poor couch has seen much better days. We adopted a second kitten this summer, and he likes to hop up on the couch by the armrest. Which meant tiny little tears in the “pleather”. …

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Chunky X Base Table: A How-To

chunky x table tutorial

  There’s something about 4×4 lumber that makes furniture look amazing. Maybe it’s the sturdiness, maybe it’s the shape. Whatever it is, I love it! A friend of mine recently asked me to build her a new dining table, and I was happy to oblige. She liked the X-Base Pedestal table I built my sister, …

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Toddler Sized Animal Stools: A How-To


  Are you ready for a crazy adorable, super cute project today? I hope so! Last week I saw an image online that inspired me to make some sweet little stools for Charlie. They’re just her size, and just so darn cute. And again, the best part? They’re made from REAL wood! Scrap wood! The …

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Faux Southwestern Stained Glass Transom Window


After I found the perfect screen door for my kitchen pantry, I had to solve the problem of the 11″ gap above the top of the door to the top of the opening. I decided on a transom window. Ideally I’d have loved to also have found the perfect stained glass transom, but I know …

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Saltbox Chicken Coop, Run, and Planter


Keeping chickens has recently benefitted from a huge resurgence. It’s not just a farm thing anymore, many people are choosing to raise chickens for eggs and meat in urban and suburban areas too. Recently I was browsing a major retailer’s website for furniture ideas and saw a beautifully designed coop, run and planter, all-in-one! But …

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Slim 6 Cube Bookcase: A How-To

A friend of mine is expecting her first baby next month, and I asked her if she needed any furniture for the nursery. She asked for an Expedit style bookcase, very slim lined and white. She sent over the dimensions of the space, and I got to work! I started with a sheet of Purebond, …

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Reclaimed Wood Industrial Vanity


When we were brainstorming ideas for our master bathroom vanity, I wanted something a little out of the ordinary. Wish so much storage in our double medicine cabinet, we didn’t need a lot of concealed space for all the junk that usually gets tossed into a bathroom cabinet. In fact, that was one thing that …

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Double Medicine Cabinet: A How-To


Woah, lots of how-to posts all in a row! I hope you’re not getting spoiled ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m finally getting around to finishing up some of these bathroom projects. Let me start by saying, this vanity is NOT finished. It’s maybe 60% done. So please don’t judge my medicine cabinet by my vanity ๐Ÿ˜‰ Step 1: …

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Astrological Shade Tutorial & Contest


Our powder room is one of those rooms that just keeps getting put on the back burner. We haven’t even figured out a sink and faucet for it yet, though I do have a couple of light fixtures. In fact one of them is today’s project, a cheap and (relatively) easy astrological shade! I was …

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Simple Striped Self-Binding Quilt: A How-To


Confession: I love quilts. A lot. And I love to make them. The problem? I’m not particularly great at them. I’m still a student when it comes to sewing. Most likely, I always will be! Even though my execution isn’t perfect, I enjoy sharing my methods. So today I have a really fun and easy …

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Lydia Doll Bed: A How-To


I’ve seen Lydia doll bed props sell on Etsy for hundreds of dollars. But they’re easy to do for cheap if you have a lot of scraps lying around. The only thing I had to buy for this was one stick of trim and four mini spindles. It’s quick to build and is just the …

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Striped Benches: A How-To


Why hello again! It’s been a few days, huh? This always happens every time we go visit my parents. I get all caught up doing grandma/Charlie time things and completely unplug. You’d think I’d have learned to schedule a few posts in advance, but I got behind on all my projects and just now got …

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Easiest Tshirt Quilt: A How-To

tshirt quilt

Do you have a stash of tshirts that don’t really fit anymore, but are too threadbare to donate? I’ve had a stack of clothes in my fabric bin for a while, just waiting for a good project to come along. Well after I learned about the whole rag quilting method, I decided to give it …

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How to Kill Apps on an iPhone

So like the rest of the planet, I’ve gotten into Draw Something. Heard of it? Its a mobile game that’s like Pictionary, and you play with your friends. Here’s my favorite one I’ve done: It’s my fancy version of gandalf and a Balrog. Nice, eh? Anyway, this new app can be a total drain on …

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Fabric Memory Game: A How-To

memory game

Looking for a fun project to do with all those fabric scraps in your closet? What about a memory game for the kiddos? Now that I’ve got a baby, it seems like I’m always on the lookout for fun projects to do for her. I saw a fabric memory game on Pinterest, and knew I …

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Free ID Card Holder From Scraps Tuturial


Last month, I finally got off my lazy bum and joined our local gym. It includes childcare, so now I have no excuse not to work out. In an effort to get a little more organized (because 8am mornings with an infant are hectic to say the least) I needed to find an id holder …

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Flannel Chevron Rag Quilt

rag quilt tutorial

Confession: I hate holidays. Well, scratch that. I hate commercialized holidays. Things like Christmas and Thanksgiving and *cough* Valentine’s Day. The Husbane calls me a grinch because I never decorate; I don’t carve pumpkins or hang garlands or hide eggs. I think it’s the fact that we’re beaten over the head about these days for …

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Cupcake Oven Mitts: A How-To


Looking for a fun, fast sewing project with a really cute result? How about some oven mitts shaped like cupcakes? Well, at least two of them are shaped like adorable cupcakes. The first two I made are more like mushrooms, to be honest ๐Ÿ˜‰ Here’s how I made mine:

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