Born to Build Printables

Do you remember when you were five and it was Christmas Eve, and it was all you could do to fall asleep before Santa came? Well, that pretty much sums up how I feel about Ana White coming to Houston. It’s a bit hectic as it’s the day after we close on our house (aka MOVE OUT!) but I’m going to bum a couch from a friend and head up to the Big City Saturday morning so I can meet my carpentry hero.  I CANNOT WAIT!

So of course now I have to come up with a brilliant stash of stuff for her to sign. Not too much stuff, though, because I don’t want the mob behind me to get pissed for taking up so much time. I’m definitely bringing her book, and my favorite drill. But I also wanted a little something for Charlie, so I whipped up a cute and bright “Born to Build” printable. I’ll buy a nice mat and sweetly ask if she doesn’t mind signing it too. There may perhaps be an extra copy for her adorable little Grace. I think I’m also going to have to put a Texas goodie bag together. When my gradeschool friend came down for a visit, she brought me a thoughtful gift bag from Massachusetts. Of course I felt like a total ass to be empty handed, so now I will go nowhere without a goodie bag in hand if I’m meeting out-of-state friends! Now to figure out what to pack…

Anyway, if you would like your own Born to Build art print, I’ve got a few additional color options for you to download. Click on the color word to download the print.






If any of y’all will be there at the book signing, let me know! I’d love to meet you. And hooray for Ana White and her new book!


Let Them Eat Cake download

let them eat cakeI’m not a huge Valentine’s Day gal myself, but with all the floofy sweetness floating around the web these days I thought it would be fun to have something a little more modern. I kind of wish this quote was “Let them eat pie” because I kinda sorta despise cake. I know, I’m a weirdo. Like all my downloads, they will be watermark free. Click the link below if you’d like one!

Maya Angelou Quote Download

Last week I asked my Facebook friends for their favorite quotes they would like to see a printable of. This was one I received. It’s a quote from Maya Angelou, and I think it’s spot on. Ignorance may be bliss for some, but I prefer to make informed decisions.

I’ve got two other quotes in my queue, and I’m really excited to do them! It’s always a challenge to try and make each one have its own personality. My favorite so far is the Mrs. Darcy quote. Love me some Jane Austen!

She’s Like Texas download

I’m feeling a bit sentimental today, so here’s a printable from our first dance song, She’s Like Texas by Josh Abbot.  I love this song. If you’d like to download it, you can click on the link below.

Virtues Download

Three years ago when the hubs and I had just started dating, I designed a fun wallet-sized card that had a photo of us on one side and on the flip a graphic featuring all the virtues I felt he embodied. It was all mushy and sentimental, trust me. Now I’d love my little girl to possess these. Humor, patience, focus, spontaneity, sincerity, and love. So I changed up the background to a solid color, and made it a 5×7. If you’d like to download you’re own, you can!

And of course, I also had to do one in my current fave hue, lime green!