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Why We’re Gluten Free – Food Intolerances in Infancy and Beyond

pinner test food intolerance test

*This post is completely unrelated to DIY, homesteading, aquaponics, or pretty much everything else I cover on my blog. Today is a little more personal, and hopefully resounds with other parents or food intolerance sufferers who are a bit fed up with the blasé attitude of conventional medicine toward nutrition.* About this time last year, …

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Kitchen Love Story: A Review and Giveaway

kitchen love story

  It’s no secret that I built my kitchen from the ground up. We did everything ourselves, from building the cabinets to installing appliances. It helped to have a handy spouse, he’s an electrician by trade and a plumber by birth (well, sort of, his dad is a master plumber and he grew up learning …

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Personalized Holiday Gifts from Zazzle Made in the USA

Happy Holiday Season everyone! I hope all my US friends had a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving, I know we did. This year we chose to stay home and not do any store shopping, choosing to enjoy the family time and quiet. As you know, we traditionally make many of our gifts, but I also like …

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A Holiday with Minted


How is it already November?! The months are flying by, and before you know it 2014 will be gone. As our family gears up for Thanksgiving and the holiday season, I’m trying to get a jump on planning so I’m not so frazzled the closer we get to Christmas. I research gift ideas, work on …

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SnapPower Winner!

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 2.09.29 PM

Hey guys! Sorry I’m a tad late announcing the winner, ragweed allergies turned into an infection and I’ve been lying low and healing up for the past few days. And now for the news, the winner is…. Robyn!   Thank you all for your great tips and comments! I read every last one and filed …

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Man Crates and Man Cave Inspiration Roundup


Hello Everyone! I have such a fun post up today. Have you ever struggled to figure out what gift to get for the man in your life? I know I have. So when I saw these Man Crates Gifts For Men, I knew it was a great idea! Gift baskets have been around for ages, …

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Sleeping Beauty Diamond Edition Celebration and Giveaway!

With no encouragement from me, my toddler has become a Disney Princess. Full stop. So we’ve been watching many of the classic Disney movies, with favorites like The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. But one film we don’t have yet, but are anticipating the release, is Sleeping Beauty. To celebrate the upcoming release, …

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Why We Love our Rainbow Play System

homefield showroom

  When we moved to our new home, we moved more into the country than into another subdivision. Our kids have dozens of acres to eventually roam, but it’s not close to any playgrounds. At our old home, we lived in a subdivision near parks within walking distance, and that was a lot of fun …

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Getting Into Routine with Stinkerpants Magnets


Anyone with a toddler (or older children!) can tell you that transitions are difficult. Routine can be hard to establish, and every day can be a challenge. Even the little things. Especially the little things! You may be familiar with Weddingbee, the wedding planning blog I participated in four – whoa four! – years ago …

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I Took the Made in USA Challenge, Will You?


Happy “Made in the USA Day” everyone! According to my Facebook feed (where all the hard-hitting news is, donchaknow) it’s Made in the USA Day, celebrating products and brands made in America. In our home, we’ve been striving to be more mindful of our consumption and waste. For my New Year Resolution, I decided to …

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Saving Alaska with Ana White on HGTV


Have you heard the news? Ana White, homemaker extraordinaire, has a new show on HGTV! It premiered last week with two pilot episodes. I finally got a chance to head over to my mom’s house to watch the recorded shows (we cut the cable cord 18 months ago, so I’ve been sadly lacking in HGTV). …

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Taking a Break, and Readjusting

raccoon critter chair killerbdesigns

Wow, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? I didn’t plan to take such a long, unannounced blogging break. I’ve been having a bit of burnout for a while now, trying to figure out exactly what blogging meant for me. Did it mean income? Sharing? Validation? I felt myself trying to fit into the DIY Blogger …

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Killer b. Holiday Gift Guide

Screen shot 2013-11-28 at 3.14.42 PM

Happy Holiday season everyone! It may come as no surprise that this year, I’m focusing on hand making as many gifts as possible for the loved ones in my life. I get a little overwhelmed by the whole shop! shop! shop! mentality, so I’m slowing down and really thinking about what people will appreciate. And …

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An Inconvenient Life


I’m going to warn you in advance that this post may sound preachy, but I really hope it doesn’t come off that way. I’ve been meaning to write it for some time now, but couldn’t organize my thoughts exactly how I wanted to say things. Please know that I do not judge anyone for living …

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In Memoriam: Bobby Hornsby

bobby hornsby

I don’t write personal posts all too often anymore, but yesterday my husband’s family experienced a terrible loss. Early yesterday morning, Jacob’s cousin lost her husband, Bobby Hornsby, in the line of duty. He has two young children, his son is only a few months younger than Charlie. My heart breaks for them, for those …

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X Base Pedestal Table from Ana White


A few weeks ago, my sister mentioned that she wanted to upgrade her hand-me-down round oak table she’d had since she graduated college. She wanted a “real” table that she picked herself, but the ones in stores were insanely expensive and nothing she was really looking for. So I offered to build her a table …

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In the Bloglight with Hometalk


Hey guys! I was contacted by Hometalk to take part in their In the Bloglight blogger series. If you haven’t discovered Hometalk yet, you need to! It’s a great site full of inspiration and community. I promise you’ll be sucked in for hours. Part of the excitement of this opportunity is that I finally have …

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Sisterhood is Coming


We found out today that Charlie is getting a baby sister! Little Caroline should be joining the family early October. Now to survive the second half of pregnancy in this Texas summer!

Apothecary Trundle Table on Country Living Website!

Picture 1

I’m ecstatic to share that my Apothecary Trundle Table was featured in a finishing article on! I’m totally patting myself on the back right now, because it’s my blog and I’m allowed to do that here 😉 If my husband’s employer hadn’t taken him hostage this week on double shifts, I would make him …

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QLine Shop Contest – Win $75 in QLine Products!


Hey Guys! Just wanted to pop in and let you know the contest for QLine Shop Products is now open. Just pop on over and subscribe to the newsletter to enter.  I cannot recommend these products enough, so be sure to try your luck! I can tell you the odds of winning a contest on …

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