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House | Killer b. Designs - Part 2

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The Un-Built-In Desk: Or How to Put a Desktop on End Tables and Make It Look Awesome


So, remember when I talked about making Charlie’s Chalkboard Closet Doors, and I mentioned I had a lot of scrap material left from the PureBond sheets? After cutting down the door pieces, I had two sections that were about 15″ wide and eight feet long. When we were brainstorming ideas for the guest/playroom, Jacob said …

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Vintage Screen Pantry Door


One of the best perks about being a flea market vendor is that you get to hang around all day and shop. Plus I have a little extra cash burning a hole in my pocket every time I make a sale. For May’s market, I stumbled on this amazingly beautiful old screen door. Oh, and …

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Rolling Modern Porch Gate


Well after four thousand, five hundred and sixty-five arguments on execution (as in, how to implement rather than offing each other – though I’m sure it crossed both our minds at some point!) we *finally* have a rolling gate for our back porch! It’s so amazing to be able to shut this sucker off and …

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How to Recycle Old Boots into Planters


So my husband goes through a lot of boots. His job requires steel toed work boots, and they get run down pretty quickly. So, what to do with them? You could try getting them repaired, but sometimes they get so worn that its hardly worth it. So I turned this pair into fun, rustic planters! …

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Rustic Rock Path with Reclaimed Materials


One of the fun things about building a house is that you have a lot of random materials left over when its done. Some people just like to get rid of it, but I’m the type that likes to use it! We had a very large pile of rocks left over from the exterior siding. …

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Stuffed Animal Hammock from Stroller Mosquito Nets


As I slowly (very, very slowly it seems!) cross off items from my house to-do list, sometimes I get surprised. I really wanted to build Charlie a stuffed animal storage solution, like those zoos I saw on Pinterest where it’s a little 1×2 cage with dowels to wrangle them all. I had the lumber in …

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Chasing Darkness


Every parent will say that the first few years of raising a child are pretty rough. For example, how did I not know there was an 18 month “wakeful period”, and things called “wonder weeks” which basically mean that any time Charlie has a burst of new accomplishments her sleep is non-existent? Well, little miss …

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Homestead Ambitions


So after my whole Going Green post, you’re probably thinking I’m starting to go off the deep end. Well, I am, and I’m loving it! We recently filed for our Homestead paperwork, which in theory means our home can’t be seized as its our primary residence, but I’m taking it one step farther. I want …

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Modern Porch Railing: A How-To (kinda)


With the weather warming up (at least in some parts of the globe!) we were getting antsy to move away from all the indoor stuff and start working outside. I’ve seen these amazing modern style railings in magazines and online, and knew it would be perfect for us! It had the right style, rustic yet …

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San Bernard House Tour!


Okay, okay, it’s time. I’ve posted enough teasers and projects. I’ve had enough requests to see more rooms in the house, so I’m going to share them with you in all their unfinished glory. Feel free to judge and offer advice! I’m still planning and dreaming and working, so it’s evolving. And that means I …

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Double Medicine Cabinet: A How-To


Woah, lots of how-to posts all in a row! I hope you’re not getting spoiled 😉 I’m finally getting around to finishing up some of these bathroom projects. Let me start by saying, this vanity is NOT finished. It’s maybe 60% done. So please don’t judge my medicine cabinet by my vanity 😉 Step 1: …

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Custom Closet Shelving: A How-To


The amazing thing about choosing a semi-finished build is that you can get exactly what you want in your home without paying out the ears. But the downfall? Having to find the time to do it all yourself, and deal with the chaos in the meantime! For too long this bath closet had a giant …

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Cedar Built-In Closet System: A How-To


I’m going to pre-apologize for the epic awful-ness of the photos in this post. My closet is on one hand massive (height and length wise) and tiny (width-wise) so it’s pretty much impossible to get any decent angles. I also have the dimmest lights on the planet in there (IKEA’s LOCK – don’t get these!) …

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Wood Look Tub Surround for $50


I’m slowly working through sections of the house, getting everything put together. I’m saving the big house tour until all things are finished, which will probably be summer sometime. Instead I’ll show you teasers with all the places I’ve gussied up enough to take pictures! Let’s start with the tub. The glorious, glorious haven of …

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San Bernard Dining Room


Well it only took six weeks, but we finally have one room in the house completely finished! I know I hemmed and hawed over what dining table I should build, but when it came down to it I decided to thrift one instead. I had two reasons for this: 1) with all the angles in …

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$5000 Handbuilt Vintage Kitchen – The Budget Breakdown


A kitchen can be one of the priciest rooms to renovate or build. People regularly spend tens of thousands of dollars on their “heart of the home”. I knew from the start that I wanted to save money without compromising on quality. So how does one do that? With a lot of DIY, time to …

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A Handbuilt Vintage Country Kitchen


Cue angels singing, this kitchen is DONE! I started building the cabinets over a month ago, and now everything is installed and working and fabulous. I hope you’re ready to ogle dozens of photos, because I’ve got about 22 to share with you. Which is technically less than 2 dozen, but who’s counting? Let’s get …

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Cabinets Are Installed!


We’re hot and heavy with our house projects right now, but I just wanted to pop in with a little update just in case you don’t follow me on Instagram. We finished our cabinet installation! Woot woot! We will need to adjust a few of the doors and add some trim and kickplates, but they’re …

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Painting the San Bernard


Hey guys! I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season. We are having a very, very busy one! I wish I’d been able to update more often, but all my “free” (aka non-mom-duty-time) is spent working on cabinets or vanities or lights. I’ve been working my fingers to the bone! But it’s all been …

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November Update


Hey guys! I know posting has been pretty light lately, and I hope my regular readers will forgive me for the slow feed. On a personal note, living at my parents’ home with a broken foot is a bit of a challenge when it comes to blogging. The computer + internet live upstairs, and it’s …

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