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Diy | Killer b. Designs - Part 2

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Barn Wood Accent Wall for the Fireplace


  What is it when one area of your home is seeing improvement that makes you feel the urge to spruce up everything else? With our landscaping already looking so fabulous, I was staring at the plain drywall on the upper half of the fireplace dreaming of something better.   See what I mean? Just …

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Reversible Storage Boxes for the 6 Cube Shelf


  I built this Six Cube Cabinet to fill in the gap in my cabinetry between the refrigerator and wall. I bought some baskets from Target to fill the shelves, but they didn’t really work out. They were just a touch too long and low. Now those little baskets hold dish towels and bibs in the …

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Flip Top Storage Coffee Table: A How-To


  I think it’s pretty obvious by now that I don’t keep to a blogging schedule. I post when I get a project finished or have something interesting to share. So wouldn’t you know that after a week of not posting I finally have a really exciting plan to show you, and there’s a 24 …

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Laundry Shelf Unit from Stud 2×4’s


  The last laundry project I posted left an awkward gap between the washer/dryer and the freezer with a hideous litterbox in full view.   We have a long-term goal for the laundry room, but for now I needed something there to hide that litterbox and give me a bit of storage for soaps and …

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Simple 5 Room Dollhouse for $25 : A How-To


  Wow, is it Friday already? This week flew by. I’ve been on a light posting schedule lately (even more than usual) since I’ve had a few minor complications with this pregnancy and have been told to take it easy for a few weeks. That’s no easy feat with a busy toddler and a serious …

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Southwestern Spindle Side Tables


  I’m prepping for Market Days this Saturday, and needed a few more pieces to fill up the booth. I had some 15″ wood rounds I bought from Lowe’s ages ago, hoping to use them for the Tractor Seat Stools. I didn’t need them then, but they sure are looking great now!   All it …

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Reclaimed Railroad Tie Outdoor Coffee Table


After putting the porch on the back burner for several months, one night we finally kicked ourselves into gear and made a coffee table. The rustic look fits in well with the vibe we have going on out here.   We had all the materials on hand, but they’re not too hard to source. You …

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Wedding Guest Book: Modified Fancy X Bench


  I was honored this past March to be Matron of Honor in one of my best friend’s wedding, and as a gift to the happy couple I made them a guest book bench. I wanted this one to look extra special. I started out with Ana White’s Fancy X Bench plans and made a …

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Laundry Platform with Rolling Drawers


  While I love my high-efficiency laundry machines, they aren’t that easy on the back. I’ve seen several versions of DIY pedestals for them, but didn’t really see what I was looking for. I didn’t want open storage for baskets as I thought that would set them up just a bit too high. And while …

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Rustic Cover for an Old Mini Fridge for $25


  Let’s face it, mini refrigerators are ugly. Especially those from the college years that are covered in old stickers and permanent marker, which was the case with our little porch fridge. My husband actually won it at a house party in college, and it saved us later on when our big refrigerator went out …

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Reclaimed Wall Mirrors


I’m pretty bad about cycling through furniture and decor. I used to have a large IKEA wall mirror, but I sold it when we moved to our Corkwood house and didn’t have a place for it. I’ve done this a lot, sold things I couldn’t find a use for at the moment, then kicked myself …

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Caroline’s Farm Fresh Nursery


  With just over three months until Caroline’s due date, her nursery is set up and ready to go! It didn’t take me long at all once I put together an inspiration board:   I think I came pretty darn close to my inspiration!   I used a crackled medium to paint the dresser and …

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Cedar Gallery Ledges for Books and Animals


  The nursery has a strange little inset wall next to the closet, a wall that was absolutely perfect for some of Ana’s $10 Gallery Ledges! I chose to do these in cedar, not only because they match the trim, but mainly because I didn’t feel like painting pine shelves. I’m at the point where the …

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Old Table, New Leaf : Updating My Dining Area


A few weeks ago, you may remember me posting some updated kitchen/dining/living room photos along with asking some advice on my current dining set. I’d purchased the set at a consignment shop and painted it and reupholstered the seats. I loved it, without a doubt. But I wasn’t too sure I was in love with …

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DIY Faux Sunflower Monogram


Sunflowers are one of the happiest flowers, and have that farmer’s market feel to them. So what better flower to use on a giant monogram in this farm-themed nursery than these? My mother had a lot of these left over from the Cowgirl Birthday Party she threw for Charlie’s first birthday, and I decided to …

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Rustic Ladder Photo Display


Hey guys! Miss me yet? I’ve been running around like crazy getting projects done for the house and nursery. Nesting has hit me in full force pretty early, and I’m determined to have the whole house “finished” by the time baby Caroline arrives this October. Honestly at this rate I bet I’ll be done before …

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Farm Style Corrugated Tin Closet Doors with PureBond


Do you remember Charlie’s Chalkboard French Style Closet Doors? Well I used the same method for the nursery closet, but decided to give it a barn-style twist! Since my theme is “Farm Fresh” I wanted a trough-like or barn feel for the doors. I found these sheets of corrugated tin at Home Depot and they …

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X Base Pedestal Table from Ana White


A few weeks ago, my sister mentioned that she wanted to upgrade her hand-me-down round oak table she’d had since she graduated college. She wanted a “real” table that she picked herself, but the ones in stores were insanely expensive and nothing she was really looking for. So I offered to build her a table …

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The Un-Built-In Desk: Or How to Put a Desktop on End Tables and Make It Look Awesome


So, remember when I talked about making Charlie’s Chalkboard Closet Doors, and I mentioned I had a lot of scrap material left from the PureBond sheets? After cutting down the door pieces, I had two sections that were about 15″ wide and eight feet long. When we were brainstorming ideas for the guest/playroom, Jacob said …

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Chalkboard French-Style Closet Doors


In preparation for Charlie’s little sister this fall, we are getting her big girl room ready for sleeping in. One of the last tasks (other than bolting all the furniture to the walls because I’m a paranoid freak) was to add some closet doors. Originally I hadn’t planned on any. Then one day while admiring …

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