Caroline’s Farm Fresh Nursery



With just over three months until Caroline’s due date, her nursery is set up and ready to go! It didn’t take me long at all once I put together an inspiration board:

Farm Fresh Nursery Inspiration Board


I think I came pretty darn close to my inspiration!



I used a crackled medium to paint the dresser and distressed it, then gave it some really cute butterfly drawer pulls. The animals are hiding the tether I put into the stud to keep the hutch from toppling over during changes.



I got the pink gingham oilcloth changing pad cover at Wimberley Market Days where I’m a vendor. I like that it’s easy to wipe down and won’t stain.



And of course I’m stocked with Charlie Banana cloth diapers, since I’m all earth-friendly now!

farm-fresh-nursery-diapersMy mom gifted her with this sweet cross .



I picked up a wicker chair at Lowes, and spray painted it white. Then I made it a cushion for some added comfort with flannel pink ticking.



The gallery wall is full of farm-themed prints and photos. The homestead with the wind energy may just be my favorite, since that’s my dream goal πŸ˜‰



And of course no nursery is complete without a bucket ottoman! I made this one using the same method as Charlie’s, but found a sweet little orchard basket for the base and used the same ticking as the chair. I’m planning to use it for toys and blankets.



Next to the chair I topped an old milk jug I scored at an estate sale a couple of years ago with a 15″ wood round from Lowes that I painted grey. I secured the top with hot glue to keep it from tipping, and it’s the perfect spot for the sound machine and bottles during those late night feedings.



I’m using the same crib Charlie used, which I found at a thrift store. The sheet and skirt are from the Pottery Barn outlet.



I always smile when I see the sunflower monogram. It’s just so happy!

farm-fresh-nursery-monogramAnd of course the ladder display. I can’t wait to add photos of the little miss once she gets here.

farm-fresh-nursery-ladder-displayThis little horse rocker gives Charlie a good time


It will be replaced with the Mamaroo once Caroline is here. Charlie barely slept outside of her swing for the first six or so months, it was a life saver.



I’ll have to get a surge protector this time, as our last swing was sadly fried when our home was hit by lightning. Let that be a reminder, folks! Plug important things in to surge protectors, or you’ll be like us and lose a lot of electronics in a storm surge.



Charlie and I both adore this PB Kids play kitchen my mom bought for her. It may seem strange to have it in a nursery, but it will keep her entertained during endless feedings and changes!



For the lone window, I bought two yards of burlap and sewed it directly over a blackout shade for a little more fun. The tieback is a simple grosgrain ribbon I put two buttonholes in, and a $1 hook from Lowes.



I found the old window at an antiques shop in Gruene, and plan to fill it with cute newborn photos.

farm-fresh-nursery-window-displayIt came with the hooks already in the frame, so I just popped in two anchors and screws to hold it firmly in place. Don’t want it falling on little heads!



I’m still totally enamored with these tin doors. The texture is so fun! And Charlie enjoys sticking magnets on them.



And then to complete our “around the world” room tour, the tower of books!

cedar gallery book ledges


This room quickly became one of my favorites in the house. I love it. Despite having only one window, it’s bright and cheery and a lot of fun. I was unsure of the bright, sherbet green when the room was empty, but now that I have everything in it, I can’t imagine it being any other color. And with all the country details, there’s a clear farm theme without being overly kitschy.


Paint: Sherwin Williams Green Vibes

6 thoughts on “Caroline’s Farm Fresh Nursery

  1. I simply LOVE it!!! It’s perfect! So many go wayyyy over the top with nurseries and they have to change things again when the baby gets older. This is perfect to grow with little Caroline!! I think my favorite is the sunflower monogram! Sunflowers are my favorite πŸ˜‰ I think it looks great!

    1. Thank you Sarah! Sunflowers are just such a happy flower. I think it will be pretty easy down the road to replace the crib with a bed and rearrange the furniture just a bit and voila! Big girl room

  2. So cool, I love the gallery wall and the distressed dresser! I agree with Ellie – lucky little girl πŸ™‚

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