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Caroline’s Closet Organization for $50 | Killer b. Designs



Caroline’s Closet Organization for $50



One of the very last projects we needed to complete before baby Caroline comes (I’m full term today! Yay!) was to build her closet organizers. I had been putting it off for far too long, and with a $50 Home Depot gift card burning a hole in my pocket I knew it was time to get planning. At first I had wanted to do the exact same setup as Charlie’s closet:



Two rods with a long shelf above and slim shelves on the sides. We’d have to do it in stages as the lumber for Charlie’s closet cost more than $50. Then I started browsing Pinterest and saw this closet from Around the Farmhouse Table



Perfect! So I cleared out the closet, and this is what we had to work with:



The small issue was the angle in the corner. Great for interest, but that meant our shelves couldn’t be wider than a 1×10 board.



After unloading the closet, I broke out the tape and started configuring and taking measurements. Oh, and my helper decided to sort through some baby supplies.



Here’s what we decided on for supplies:
• 3 – 1x10x8′ boards
• 2 – 8′ dowel rods
• 3 to 4 – rod holder rings (the 4th was for a hanging organizer I moved from Charlie’s closet)
• 2 – rod/shelf brackets (these I had on hand)
• hanging organizer (pilfered from Charlie’s closet)


Once we got started, it was so easy to assemble!



We started by finding the studs and hanging the brackets 72″ above the ground and popped in the rod. Our closet actually only measures 92″ long, so we cut down the rod first. For the lower shelf, we measured 36″ up from the ground and used some scrap 1×2 as cleats, screwed into the wall. If you don’t have scrap, you can easily cut off 1.5″ from the end of a 1×10  or other board to use as a cleat. Then we just set the board on top of the two end cleats, and added in our two shelf supports. They’re both cut at 36″ and simply screwed into place from the shelf above.



Sorry for the blur, I’m not used to shooting on auto and flash and my focus was very off. But you can see the cleat, and the rod holders and placement. We measured the gap between the wall and the shelf for the separated rods.



By this point you should have just enough scrap left to create a center divider for your shelves. Or, you can just add more 1×2 cleats to hold the edges of your laundry baskets like the inspiration photo. I decided on shelves simply because I may get tired of baskets in the closet and want to use them as normal shelves. We used a scrap 1×12 to create the second shelf.



I’m really glad we decided to do a shelf at waist height. It’s so handy! I have all my diaper bags in a corner hamper (it seems I get gifted diaper bags a lot, so I cycle through them depending on my mood) as well as a place to store tiny shoes and extra diapers.



As this closet is quite a bit narrower than Charlie’s, I opted out of the corner shelves and just hung a rod with a sweater organizer. This is where I shoved all the pj’s and extra sheets. It was so easy to hang! I just measured the distance, cut the rod, and added another rod holder.



Again with the blur, but you get the picture.



I’m so pleased with how this closet turned out! In fact, I like this setup more than I like Charlie’s. But shhhh! Don’t tell her I said that 😉 You live, you learn. Or should I say, the more you build, the more you figure out what your preferences are! I love that we’re able to customize our closets on a dime. $50 for all this? AND from a giftcard, so it was pretty much free?! Yeah, I’ll take that. Now to finish hanging up all those clothes in that laundry basket, it’s full of clean onesies and newborn outfits that are raring to go for the new kiddo. Counting down until she makes her appearance!

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  1. Amanda

    It looks fantastic! I need to do something similar in our nursery closet, but ours is muuuuch smaller!

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