Building San Bernard with Tilson: The After Photos

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In May of 2012, we began work with Tilson to build their San Bernard plan on our property outside of Austin, Texas. It is a 2331 sq ft plan, with 3 br / 2.5 ba and a bonus room. This was an 80% build, which meant they fully finished the exterior, and took the interior up to the texture on the drywall. We were responsible for finishing out the home ourselves, which included: utilities (well, electric, septic & gas), paint (we hired a local contractor, Martin DeLeon who I highly recommend), flooring (another contractor, stained concrete by Artistic Impressions who I also highly recommend), plumbing fixtures, tiling (we hired a friend to do this for us using tile purchased at Lowes), cabinetry, appliances, electrical fixtures, interior doors, trim, closet organizers, and landscaping (contracted to Debbie of Sagebrush Landscaping). It’s now May of 2014 and it’s finally to the point I can take “after photos”.

5 thoughts on “Building San Bernard with Tilson: The After Photos

  1. I totally love your home and all the personalized finishes that you have done! It looks so amazing and I know you guys will all enjoy it for many many years! I love seeing all the projects together in one post. You are such an inspiration for fabulous building projects and design ideas!

  2. Please show how you repurposed the console tv. We have quite a few old tvs that my (then teeenage) daughter wanted to make into aquaria after seeing something like that on a tv show or movie. The tvs are still sitting – and have not been converted into anything but space-taker-uppers. Any ideas? Help, please? I do like the cute storage cabinet you made for your little one. thanx!

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