Building a Business: March Market Day

This year I’m trying to make my furniture building hobby official by turning it into a business. In the past I mostly built things for my home, and then when I wanted something new I just sold it on Craigslist and used the cash on lumber for my newest project. Now that I feel I have some experience under my belt, it seemed like the right time to jump on the opportunity to sell furniture for real. In January I used an insurance refund check to pay for my booth at the 2013 Wimberley Market Days. The first market was on March 2nd, and things went well. Very well, in fact.

It was a different tone than my trial run back at the December market. Then, I had paid out of pocket for the day rental fee, and was stressed the entire time about recouping that cost as well as the cost of materials for the things I sold. Miraculously, I did! I wasn’t very well prepared (ironically I had broken my foot about a month prior so I couldn’t build anything new), and had a few too many large items for a mostly smaller sized market. So this time I brought more things that could be easily transported. I brought in a step stool, bucket ottoman, made some new