Building a Bookcase, and Thirty Other Things

Whew! Today I’ve spent Charlie’s naptimes building a massive bookcase on commission. I got a Facebook message from a very sweet local woman looking for a taller version of the Pottery Barn Thomas Bookcase. Since the short little guy runs around $300, and they don’t even carry a taller one, I knew I could save her some cash. I’ll post more about it once it’s finished and had its glamor shots. I still need to iron on the edge banding, fill the screw holes with plugs, and sand and stain it. Once it’s done, it’s sure to bee a looker! And I’m not sorry to say that I’m incredibly proud to have built it all by myself. It makes me want to drag it down the lumber aisle yelling, “SEE?! Girls can build too ya know!” 😉

6 thoughts on “Building a Bookcase, and Thirty Other Things

  1. If Charlie isn’t sleeping through the night, how can you seriously manage doing all these projects without a nap? I’d be face-planted with her napping every chance I got!

    1. Hahahaha! Well, the first few months I spent at least one nap with her in bed 😉 These days, we cope by splitting up who takes night-duty and who sleeps in the spare bedroom with the white noise machine. Romantic? No. Absolutely necessary to function? YES! That way we at least get decent sleep half the week, and the rest is just a toss up. She still wakes up roughly every two hours, despite a rigid daily schedule, a full belly, and a million other sleep tricks. I’ve asked our pediatrician for advice on how to help her sleep at night, and all she said was, “Sounds like you just have a wakeful baby!” Ay, yi yi. Our silver lining is that she’s a champion napper. If not, I’d never get anything done!

  2. Great job! It’s so rewarding to make something by hand that is functional and beautiful. I love my power tools! I love coming to your site for design ideas. (Okay the adorable baby might also be a reason to come back often.) When I do make something I’ll make sure to credit you because I know I’ll pin it! 🙂

  3. I don’t suppose you have or would be willing to share the plans for this, do you? Also – aside from the bookshelf – where did you get those adorable sandals?

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