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Born to Build Vinyl Art via Delicious Decals | Killer b. Designs



Born to Build Vinyl Art via Delicious Decals

Do you remember my Born to Build art I made for Charlie a while ago? Well, when Mary from Delicious Decals wrote me to invite me to do a project with her vinyl I knew just what to do! I’ve always wanted to try vinyl on wood, and this was my chance. It was such an easy project, but I thought I’d post a tutorial for it just in case you’re interested in trying it out and never worked with vinyl before.

Step 1

I started out by staining a scrap piece of 1×10 that was just the right size. I ordered my custom art from Delicious Decals in an 8×10 size.


Step 2

I peeled the backing off. The vinyl and transfer paper is still pretty sticky.


Step 3

Place the transfer paper straight down onto your board. Don’t worry if it’s not straight, you can easily reposition it.


Step 4

Press down firmly over your vinyl with a credit card or other straight, flat device.


Step 5

Carefully peel back the transfer paper, making sure the vinyl is still in place. Secure any loose spots, and you’re done!

A huge shout out to Delicious Decals for generously offering me a sample of their vinyl in my design to work with. And stay tuned tomorrow for a giveaway for a chance to do your own vinyl project!

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  1. Amanda

    So cute! I love how this turned out!!

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