Born to Build Printables

Do you remember when you were five and it was Christmas Eve, and it was all you could do to fall asleep before Santa came? Well, that pretty much sums up how I feel about Ana White coming to Houston. It’s a bit hectic as it’s the day after we close on our house (aka MOVE OUT!) but I’m going to bum a couch from a friend and head up to the Big City Saturday morning so I can meet my carpentry hero.

3 thoughts on “Born to Build Printables

    1. Sadly I would have no place to hang with you, since we’re selling/moving the day before!! I’ll be headed straight from the signing to my parents’ house to crash until our new home is built. The good news? WE’VE FINALLY STARTED! Our permit is nearly approved (fingers crossed), we have an official address, and a crew is out forming the concrete pad right now. October is a fabulous month!

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