Beer, Babies and Barbecue: A Couples Baby Shower Invitation

One of my husband’s best friends is expecting a baby this November, and we’re teaming up with another couple to throw them a couples’ baby shower. His girlfriend (the expecting mama) didn’t want a typical ladies-only lunch shower since she’s new to the area and doesn’t have a lot of family that typically make up the shower guest list. So she came up with the idea of doing it couples style, and having a big cookout where the ladies bring gifts and the fellas bring diapers. Genius, right? Well we still have a lot of work to do, but one thing I tackled early on was the invitation. It’s fun and bright and gets the point across!

We’re going with a sunflower theme because Molly really wanted sunflower bedding for baby Harper, but it was discontinued! Major sadface. So as her consolation prize she gets a sunflower shower 😉 We’re hosting it at a private beach house that Cory’s mom won at auction, and expect somewhere along the lines of 100+ guests! Yikes! With only three weeks to go, I need to get moving on decorations and food planning!

That said, want to help me out? What’s your favorite baby shower game/activity you’ve played?


4 thoughts on “Beer, Babies and Barbecue: A Couples Baby Shower Invitation

  1. My favorite shower game was gift Bingo! By giving guests something to do while I opened gifts, it took some of the attention off of me and made me feel like maybe it was a less boring portion of the day for everyone else. 😉

  2. I hosted a couples baby shower a few years back and had trouble with games that the guys would be into. I bought a few cheap baby bottles, filled them with beer and had a race to see who could finish first. The guys were really into it…we ended up doing two “heats” with a guy winner and a girl winner. It was a hit, maybe a bit silly, but it got the guys involved!

  3. Messy diaper game…. Melted chocolates/candy in different numbered diapers. Guests have to guess the kind of candy- most correct wins! Funny to see adults smelling/inspecting the diapers in order to guess.

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