Back With My Saws Again

So I totally meant to do some legitimate blogging today, a review over some super cute baby board books. I took all the photos on my nice camera, and then couldn’t find the cord 🙁 Major boo. So I’m trying to find my mom’s card reader to get those suckers off my camera and onto my computer. I need to get one of those fancy Eye-fi cards so I don’t have to mess with cords at all and just feed them wirelessly to my computer. So in lieu of real stuff, here are a few more phone Instagram pics of what I’ve been up to this week 😉

I raided my dad’s scrap lumber and built Ana White’s X Console table all for FREE! Well, I suppose screws count, so we’ll call it an even five bucks then. I plan to pick up some nice rustic hardware, give it a good long sanding and perhaps do a vinegar/steel wool wash. Maybe even get fancy and stencil the top! Who knows. Right now all I know is my back and shoulders ache from managing all those studs by myself! In other news…

Baby gates! Well, puppy gates too. Since we’ve moved onto my parents land (and into their home for now) it was high time to start baby proofing it. For starters, I built two big gates for the deck. They still need sanding and staining, but it’s so nice now to easily climb up and down the stairs without messing with the wire puppy gates. I still have to add some more 1×2 slats across the railings to make it safer for Charlie and future kiddos on the deck. My parents totally have a party deck, which would be great for playdates! Plus there’s that amazing infinity pool. I can’t wait to hijack their house for some entertaining. Have I mentioned how effing excited I am to be back here? It’s amazing.

I’m so glad this move is pretty much over as well. I still have some stuff to find (like camera cords) and schedules to hammer out, but so far it’s going well enough. I’m just happy to finally be able to build again! Next up I think are a couple of frames with Christmas lights instead of twine for holiday cards and some mini popsicles for Charlie. I’m dying to start on play food! The problem now is whether to do felt or wood.

What projects have you been up to this week? Or are you saving it all for the weekend?