Back Porch Progress

One of my projects this summer has been to take our back porch from a collection of hodge podge items and turn it into an inviting, usable space. It all began with the modern porch railing, rolling gate, and taking a reclaimed live-edge slab to use as a bar area.



We took the rustic tractor stools from the kitchen island to use out here as they’re weatherproof, and replaced the smooth short trunks with some taller mesquite trunks to raise them to bar height. The two on the end are stationary, while the two in the corner spin 360 degrees. They’re fun, and perfect for out here.



That odd little stand next to the door? That’s an outdoor light and fan. Our ceilings are much too high for a ceiling fan to be of much use, so this stand does a great job keeping the bugs away and adding a breeze on humid nights. We used to have a mini fridge here, but a friend of mine asked to borrow it for a while and since we weren’t using it I gladly gave it a new temporary home until we should need it. The fan is a great boon here in Central Texas.



Across the way we set up a seating area. The benches are from Garden Ridge, and the trellis rug is an outdoor rug from Lowes. We built the reclaimed coffee table from old dimensional lumber. Oh, and the “end table”? I made it by saving the old stumps from the tractor stools and using construction adhesive to secure flat limestone rocks on the top that I found in the yard!



I added a fragrant citronella to help discourage any mosquitoes. It may just be the drought here, but we’ve hardly had any this season. Or perhaps I’m just used to the clogged air of bugs from our old Lake Jackson stomping grounds and don’t know what to do with only the errant skeeter!



I couldn’t find any cushions to fit the longer bench, so I decided to just make my own from 2″x22″x22″ foam squares from Hobby Lobby inside a red duck cloth casing. For the pillows, I bought used coffee sacks from an antique store in Gruene. My mom had some old bed pillows lying around, and they were the perfect size. I chose to use the duck cloth on the back as the burlap can be a bit scratchy. That way I can have my reclaimed “pretty” side and a functional comfortable side. The Texas pillow is an outdoor pillow from Catstudio. They have tons of state and city designs. I looooove Catstudio products! I started a collection of their drinking glasses of places I’ve visited or lived. So this Texas pillow is a welcome addition to the back porch.



To the right of the couch we have a weatherproof trash can, and another stump that was a bit short to use in my “table”. Not sure what I’ll do with it yet, but it’s safe for the moment from becoming tinder. The lighted pistols were a gift, and fit in well with the rustic Western theme.

It’s so nice to have this outdoor space to hang out. I can shut the gate to corral Charlie while she plays with blocks in the mornings, and it will be fantastic to spend more time out here as the weather decides to drop out of the 100’s in the coming weeks. We still plan to add a wagon wheel chandelier that’s been in the works for oh, nearly a year now. I also broke down and called a painter to get a quote on sealing all our cedar. I’m technically not allowed to do that while pregnant, and the thought of getting up on a 20′ ladder to get those beams terrifies me anyway. I kind of have a fear of any height above three feet. Step ladders give me the heebie jeebies. Once we have our “final” porch finished I’ll be sure to update the space on our house tour post!



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