Baby Scooter Rocking Toy

*Disclaimer: If anyone out there is suffering from Baby Rabies, your uterus may just explode from the cuteness of this post. Seriously. This makes ME want another baby, and I’m not even a baby person!*

So, back in high school, I played the bass guitar. The only reason this happened was because I played the cello as a child and when our school praise band needed a bassist I already knew how to read bass cleft and knew where to put my fingers on the strings. Anyway, this meant that boys wanted me to come to their garages and “jam”. Well, I don’t “jam”. I can play whatever is put in front of me, but I can’t freestyle to save my life. It would sound like a hot mess of ear pain. Anyway, I saw this crazy adorable rocking scooter online earlier this week, and my mind exploded. Um, it’s a SCOOTER! I have a scooter! And now Charlie can have one too!! But then I saw that it was $77 before shipping. Womp womp. So I sat down with some tracing paper and really looked at that scooter, and came up with this one. This epically adorable baby-sized scooter. I would say my “jamming” skills are a helluva lot better when it comes to carpentry!

I made it out of one 1x10x8′ board, which costs $10. All I needed was a jigsaw and a drill. It took about 4 hours to trace/cut/build/sand/paint, so I plan to make a few to sell for $50 each, which is a bargain for a solid wood handmade personalized rocker in my opinion!

I painted the body with regular wall paint from my stash (yes, I had a wall painted this color once) and used a silver paint pen for the detailing. It really pops in the light, it’s so reflective.

Obviously my handwriting needs a little work, but that actually says Charlie, if you can’t tell. Who happens to love her new scooter!

She’s about 8.5 months old right now, and it should stay her size until 24 months at least. Perhaps even to 3 years old. I made sure to use screws to attach every single piece and gave it a test ride myself to make sure it’s sturdy. That sucker is solid!


So cute! Ahhhh! I’m already making a lime green one for her baby bestie, Hunter (Nurse Friend Sam’s baby) and an orange one to try selling and see how the market is. Oh, and the best part?

I’m working with Ana to get the plans published so YOU can build some too! That’s what I love most about her, and her website. The mission is to provide free plans so anyone can learn to build, and learn to make what they used to only be able to buy. I absolutely cannot wait to see these pop up in her brag board of reader-submitted projects. Seriously, what child wouldn’t love to et one of these as a gift?! Best present EVER! So I’ll update with a link once the plans are live, and will definitely post the two other colors once they’re done.

Plans for this scooter can be found here.

20 thoughts on “Baby Scooter Rocking Toy

  1. So amazing you drew up the plans and made that from an image!! Super cute and I’m totally digging the baby Toms. Must get my daughter a pair now…

  2. Um…that’s like the cutest thing ever!! If we didn’t already have a gold rocking moose, I would definitely want a scooter!

  3. ahhhh!! You are so right!! My head did just explode from cuteness overload! So creative!!

  4. omg this is so freakin cute!! i love it! are you still making plans for it if so where will there be posted thanks so much! i am in awe of your work!!!

    1. Thank you Morgan! The post should be going up on Ana White today, and when it does I’ll definitely link to it!

  5. This is adorable. Maybe I can convince my husband to make our 20-month old one, before she’s too big! PS: baby TOMS are the cutest! My daughter rocks some too 🙂

    1. I love how cute they are, but they just don’t stay on my daughter’s feet! She has little wedge shaped feet 😉 You could always print out the template larger to make a bigger scooter too!

    1. I don’t think I’m going to be selling them until I get a really good handle on them. With a few tweaks (and stronger wood) maybe someday. For now, they’re just really cute gifts! 🙂

  6. Like everyone else who sees this, I love the scooter. I’m a reasonably good building projects and using tools, etc. But for the life of me, I cannot figure out the plans. The PDF comes out in all half pieces and scattered about and I’m not sure what some of them are or how to put together the front part with the slots. Is there a better format that I’m missing? I thought that I’d seen an actual board layout of these plans and I can’t seem to retrace my steps. Help if you can! I’d really appreciate it, Again, from one scooter lover out here in the world, I love this rocker!

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