Babies and Books and Bows, Oh My!

So a friend of mine had a baby a few weeks after I delivered, sweet little Kaylin Rae. She just posted her newborn pics yesterday, and I am kicking myself in the pants for not thinking of this one!

A baby. On books. On Robin Hobb books! ARGH! See, this is what I get for not researching enough newborn shots. I thought I’d seen ’em all, (you know, rings on the toes, snoozy baby on fluffy blanket) but no! I missed a gem!

Anyway, I’ve already forwarded this lovely image over to Suzy, my personal Tricoast genius, so we can come up with something for Charlie’s 6 month shoot. And I’m going to have to drum up some decent looking hardbacks, because even though I’m a recent Nook convert, baby-on-nook doesn’t scream “cute”. It screams, “Your gadget is about to get fried from the baby pee!”

There are tons of other super adorable newborn photos of baby Kaylin, here, on my friend Jana’s blog Raising Noob. And since it’s her baby (and her photos!) I’m not going to steal them all for my blog 😉

3 thoughts on “Babies and Books and Bows, Oh My!

  1. i got the idea from pinterest when i saw a baby on a stack of children’s books. i didn’t want to buy that many books bc whoa they are expensive. then i was going to check them out at the local library, but i didn’t like the library reference numbers on the side and then i got lazy and didn’t go and check them out before her photoshoot. SO chris was the one who came up with the idea to use his books and then he could put that pic up in his office!

    1. Don’t you just love Pinterest? I am so in love with this idea. And yeah, I don’t think the library would have been pleased if Kaylin had an accident on them! Ha ha. I know at Charlie’s newborn, she was ok, but I took her to get some pics with my friend’s baby (aka Charlie’s bff Hunter) and she peed on him! That was after he pooped like five times too, all over the place. So… yeah. Now I’m brainstorming how to work books in with a six month old…

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