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Astrological Shade Tutorial & Contest | Killer b. Designs



Astrological Shade Tutorial & Contest

Our powder room is one of those rooms that just keeps getting put on the back burner. We haven’t even figured out a sink and faucet for it yet, though I do have a couple of light fixtures. In fact one of them is today’s project, a cheap and (relatively) easy astrological shade!

I was invited to participate in a lampshade makeover challenge with I had this brilliant plan in my head to make a shade for the naked pendant in my powder room. I didn’t want to just drill random holes in it, I wanted to add in a subtle touch of sentiment. So I used our astrological signs! If you look closely you’ll see a Leo, a Scorpio and a Capricorn in there.

Oh, and the best part? It’s super cheap! My dad had an extra roll of 10″ flashing lying around, but you can pick up a small roll for about $8 or less. I used a drill press to make my holes, but if you don’t have one you can use a regular drill or an old fashioned hammer and nails 😉 Here’s how I did it:

• Lamp shade
• 45-50″ of 10″ flashing (or bigger/smaller to fit your shade)
• fishing line/string and hot glue to secure

Step 1 – Measure and cut flashing

I measured my lampshade, which was 45″ in diameter, and added an extra half inch to overlap. Then I just cut the flashing with a normal pair of scissors, nothing fancy. Be careful not to cut yourself, those edges are sharp!


Step 2 – Lay out pattern on tissue paper

Basically I looked up each constellation and zoomed in so it was about 10″ tall on my computer. Then I just held tissue paper over my screen and drew the dots with a pin. Once they were on, I removed the paper and poked through where the dots were. I laid it onto my flashing and used a permanent marker to mark where I needed to drill.

See all the holes?

I messed up on the Capricorn and put it way too close tot he Leo. So I grabbed a red sharpie and crossed out the black dots, then moved things over a few inches to even the layout up. So much better!


Step 3 – Drill your large holes

I started with a 3/8″ bit in the press and went to town on all the dots. It took maybe two minutes.

These holes were a bit rough since the flashing is cheap. I’d suggest a 1/4″ bit instead for the first round. Next I chose a much smaller bit for some random “stars” in the background.

Then repeated it with a tiny bit for more variety in the tiny background “stars”.

With this bit I drilled a hole in each corner so I could tie it together with fishing line. I invested about 10 minutes or less in the drilling process. And if you’re wondering why the eff a girl like me has a drill press, I bought it for our wedding to drill some tin can luminaries. Surprisingly I use it quite often. For about $120 it was a good tool investment! Ok, moving on now…


Step 4 – Assembly

I wrapped the flashing around the shade, leaving the plastic on in case I ever want to remove the metal and have a pretty white shade again. I threaded fishing line through the corner holes and tied them together, fitting the metal snugly over the shade. To close the gap, I ran a few beads of hot glue under the seam and pressed down.

That’s it! Now I had a pretty new shade ready to light up the bathroom.

I like that the shade diffuses the light so you can see the “stars” without all the funky shadows on the wall. It’s the perfect shade for this room! A little industrial, a little mod, and a lot of fun.

Now for the fun stuff, a chance to enter and win $100 from!  Just hop on over to their challenge blog post and vote for your favorite shade. There are a ton of amazing entries and I’m sure you’ll find one you’ll love. So go check it out and vote!

Lamps and light fixtures at

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  1. Shay

    Wow! Such a great idea! I think this would look really cute in a nursery that you can dim. I love stars and constellations and might have to have my husband do this when we put the nursery together. :)

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