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While researching flooring options, we decided pretty quickly that stained concrete was the way to go. I’m not a fan of carpet, and hardwood floors are incredibly pricey. Even tile has additional expenses with grout and sealer and maintenance. We wanted easy, cohesive flooring that runs throughout the entire house. We had previously painted concrete ourselves, and even tried our hand at staining it. Both times left something to be desired. So, what to do? Hire the pros!

We did a bit of research and came across Artistic Impressions in Gruene. His website was impressive, and his portfolio had some amazing photos. We visited his showroom and were totally blown away. Oh, and the best part? $2.15 per square foot. Our only question? Where do we sign!! We had our contract drawn up and paid half down. We spent all afternoon on Friday sweeping and vacuuming all the sawdust out of the house. It was long and tedious and boring, but totally worth it. On Saturday Brian came out and put down two coats of walnut stain, as well as etching out a Texas Star in the foyer. You guys, we were completely blown away.

Um, WOW. I love that it came out looking really antiqued and not a completely solid color. Brian mentioned that we had a great foundation with a lot of mottling. Plus the walnut reacts so well with color variations.

This is almost too pretty to be in a bathroom. Seriously. It’s a bit hard to get good photos right now, but I had to take some before he covered it in the protective paper today. The top coat is still a bit wet and extra shiny. Once it dries he puts down a fiber paper, then when the house is finished the whole floor gets a wax coat.

I cannot tell you all enough how thrilled we are with this floor. It’s mind-blowingly beautiful! Each section of the house took the stain a bit differently. Oh, and if you’re wondering, Artistic Impressions is totally able to do different colors in each room, and can cut a tile or wood grain look.

So, what’s the damage? Staining our entire house (2300 square feet) and adding in a decorative star came out to a grand total of $5624. The entire house. With tax. We will have an extra charge of $300 once we’re done with the house so he can remove the paper and wax the floor, unless we decide to DIY it. But from his results so far, it’s $300 well spent. So lets say with that cost, it’s a total of $5924. That’s just under $2.60 per square foot. There’s no way I could have done that with any other medium and had it look this luxe. No way. So if you’re in the Hill Country and looking for some concrete finishing, check out Artistic Impressions! I highly recommend them.

Artistic Impressions
2327 Gruene Lake Drive
New Braunfels, Texas 78130
[email protected]

*this was not a sponsored post. I’m just a really really satisfied customer!*



6 thoughts on “Artistic Impressions Concrete Staining

    1. Actually, it’s gaining a lot of popularity! My builder told me that he’s building the same house plan up the street a bit, and they also chose concrete floors. We made some mods to our plan, but it’s one of the most popular for Tilson right now. Guess I’m a “bandwagon” girl! Plus our concrete guy is booked solid through the new year. I think he’s doing a commercial building this week

    1. Chad it was a new build, so no sanding was required. The concrete was poured and needed to cure for 20 days. When he stained, all we had were studs, plumbing & electrical. It was super easy! And it looks spectacular

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