Art Supplies Caddy

Lately I’ve been making quite a few of these Soda Crate Caddies from Ana White. There’s the reclaimed fencing ones, and then ones made from pine scraps. The thing is, they’re quick, easy, and cheap since they’re from scraps. So when we had a birthday party coming up for a sweet (and adorable!) 4 year old, I knew exactly what to build her. A fun pink caddy filled with art supplies!

I filled each nook with a tall mason jar filled with goodies: crayons, chalk, colored pencils, and stickers. On the back I created a little logo with her initial.

I used this method to transfer my image, then filled in in with silver paint pen and outlined it with a fine tip black Sharpie. The wood is covered with two coats of pink paint. I didn’t want to seal it, because it would be cute for her to add stickers or doodles to it. The only downside is that it’s pretty heavy for a small child. But I kept the design “older” because I’m hoping it’s something she can keep around for a while. Maybe she’ll grow up to be a big art fan and schlep her brushes and paints around in it, who knows?