Antique Window Photo Display

antique window photo display


Back when I was working on the nursery, I found this beautiful old window frame at an antique store for a steal. So when I received Caroline’s adorable newborn photos from Jennifer Polson Photography I knew exactly what to do with them!



They were absolutely perfect for this display! And it was really pretty easy to do.




I started out by printing my photos. The window pane openings were 10″ x 12″, so I had to print my photos at 11″ x 14″ at Walgreens with the intent to cut them down to size.




I measured each pane and marked where to cut. I just cut on the lines with some scissors.




I tried a couple of different methods to keep the photos in place, but as the frame was pretty fragile I couldn’t use staples or push pins. I decided to go with simple masking tape since I want to be able to change them out in the future. The frame still had indentations for the panes, so I just set the photos in place and taped them down.




That was it! Really easy right? Just cutting and taping!




It looks so cute up on the wall! I also found an old photo frame in my parents’ attic (they seriously are hoarders, they never toss anything) and used that for my favorite image from the shoot.



Want a closer look?

Jennifer Polson Newborn Photography


Jennifer Polson Photography

So much CUTE! A little deer hunting theme for her daddy. Or Katniss if you’re a Hunger Games fan.




I also updated my photo ladder with a couple more newborn photos and some we’ve taken in the past three weeks. It’s been so much fun making the nursery more personal. Caroline is such a little cutie pie!




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