Another Rustic Barnwood Caddy

One pitfall of my building venture right now is that I’m still figuring out my processes. I’m keeping track of my sales for tax purposes (I file as self-employed), and plan to make things official in the new year with an LLC and a business account. But right now, I’m testing out the waters to see if this venture is even going to be worth it. So far, it is, but that means I don’t have great paperwork set up yet. I take commissions by “handshake agreement” so to speak. So when I got a commission to build four caddies, I built them. Then when the buyer showed up (nearly a week late) she decided she only wanted two. So now I’m trying to list and sell what she didn’t take. Which is fine for a couple of small caddies, but is a pain should it be a larger investment like a coffee table or bookcase. So I’m working on some forms to sign with a down payment for larger commissions. Anyway, back to the caddy. I changed things up just a smidge by using rope instead of leather. I like it a lot. I’m still charging $10 for these, and hopefully they sell quickly. Otherwise I have some good gifts for any upcoming birthdays or babysitting thank-you’s!


One thought on “Another Rustic Barnwood Caddy

  1. I am slowly taking steps to turn hobby into business and it is daunting (hence the slowly part). I have not had anyone back out on a commission and would be a little miffed if they did – especially on a larger piece. I have not even thought about contracts etc (but something I may need to look in to) but have done down payments of 25% to 50% depending on my outlay requirements.
    Good luck with your plans.
    PS – I am sure your cute caddies will be gone in no time!

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