Another Ring Bites the Dust

Do you see the massive chunks missing from the center stone of my wedding ring? Major boo. While the hubs and I were loading our sink into the trunk to get recoated, he may have sort of kinda SMASHED my hand into the side of the car. And it crushed my poor little stone. That may or may not have already been put under a lot of previous stress via power tools.

What sucks is this is my second ring in as many years of marriage. Ouch! My first one lost the stone in less than a year of wear. At least this one made it about 4 months longer.

Maybe there’s a chance I could get the center filled with some type of metal? Or perhaps I should just nix all these pieces and just get a metal band that will hopefully never shatter or fall apart 😉 And maybe I’ll do it before our anniversary on the 25th!

13 thoughts on “Another Ring Bites the Dust

  1. Sorry about your rings (I hope your finger is ok). A few years ago my husband I outgrew (aka got too fat for) our wedding rings and bought some simple tungsten carbide bands on ebay for $35 each including shipping. I’ve never had any problems since with banging the stone against a wall or a kid. Beautiful, inexpensive and rarely scratches.

    1. Great suggestion! I’ll have to do some ebay snooping. The nice thing about affordable rings is being able to change them out without feeling bad about it.

    1. That’s a great idea, but I’m not sure how I’d get it done. The problem with the A ring stones is that they’re really thin and chip/break easily. But the jeweler has a lifetime warranty, and I’ve already had it fixed once. I’m going to get it fixed again, but it will probably lose it’s spot as my “everyday” ring.

    1. That is a very cool wedding set! And I would knock that nugget off in about three seconds flat 😉 I’ll have to check out the rest of the shop!

  2. I think you should go for something a little sturdier – opals are very delicate, and sterling silver very malleable. I think you’ll run into the same issue again if you stick with silver. You have such nice, unique taste – there are a ton of interesting rings made out of wonderful alternative and near-indestructible metals these days :-). Maybe a colored gemstone that is harder than an opal but more interesting than a diamond would be a good choice?

    1. You’re absolutely right. I have a huge soft spot for large colored stones in vintage style settings. Not exactly practical, but it’s my “dream ring”. I ordered an aquamarine one from JC Penny’s a while ago, but it was backordered for over 4 months so I cancelled it 🙁 Maybe I should start pinning some so the hubs can get Christmas/birthday/anniversary ideas!

  3. actually, you could always take it to a jeweler to have the stone replaced with a new one. either the same kind, or a different stone in the same cut.

    it’s not that expensive (depending on the stone you pick), and then you know you have a design you love, and will wear with pride.

    you can have the cavity filled with metal, or have the jeweler use a metal plug to fill the cavity, but depending on the metal, that’s not all that economical.

    just a suggestion, if you go with the ‘replace the stone’ option ::
    opal and turquoise are beautiful, but very soft. go with a harder stone.
    a 6 or above on the mohz hardness scale (1 is talc, 10 is diamond, for reference).

    just some thoughts from a wire worker (jeweler).

    1. Thank you! Those are all great tips, and I’ll definitely check it out since I’m already in love with the style (and sentiment) of my first ring. I’ll get the opal one repaired, but wear it less frequently than the daily use of before

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