Another Farmhouse Bed Makeover

Operation: Get House Show Ready is officially in full swing. I spent the past week busting tail to get as many projects on my checklist done. I’ve been caulking, painting, sanding, weeding, and cleaning like a madwoman! It’s the little things like touching up the baseboard paint and cleaning hard water stains out of bathtubs and toilets that can make a huge difference when it comes to getting your house sold. To me, seeing overlooked details like chipped baseboards or dirty blinds makes me think of all the other major things that have been overlooked in a house. Are there blocked drains? Clogged vents? An overworked a/c unit? So I’m doing everything I can to get all the little things in order so when people walk into our house they are impressed with it’s condition rather than grossed out by the dirty stuff!

So what does this have to do with the color of our bed? Well, here’s how things looked the last time we updated the room when we installed new laminate floors:

A little mis-matched, right? We were in love with the tone of the floors, but not so much everything else. So I painted our blue barn door white, moved the Midcentury Console out to my parents’ storage building and did some cleaning. Also? I had to take down all our lovely newborn and maternity photos 🙁 Major sad face. But every source I read says to display as few (if any) personal photos as possible. Besides, the turquoise didn’t exactly match the mustard walls. Up next on the agenda? Painting the bed! We plan on having concrete floors the same tone as those laminate ones, and the orange undertones on the bed just didn’t fit the bill. It looks odd and out of place. Out came the white paint again, and it looks fabulous!

One small change, one big difference! The floors look cleaner and really pop. The bedding is now a shining star rather than a background dancer. The walls look bigger with smaller artwork.

I’m really happy with the change, moreso than I thought I would be. I painted the bed with 4 coats of Olympic latex in semi-gloss white, then sanded the edges to bring out the corners. I was afraid of losing that luscious wood texture we had when it was stained, but it’s still there, just more subtle.

Mmmmm…. wood grain!

It’s a more polished version of the rustic look. Again, it totally makes the floors shine. Considering where we started in this room, I think this is a vast improvement.

That hideous orange stain and dingy carpet wasn’t doing us any favors! Plus, I have a much more adorable photo bomber now 😉

I still have a few projects left on my list (including cleaning and organizing my horrible excuse for a garage workshop), but it’s progress like this that gets me excited to take all our listing photos!


7 thoughts on “Another Farmhouse Bed Makeover

    1. Thank you! It’s a lot easier to paint something you built yourself. I would get crazy nervous taking paint or sandpaper to something I’d bought…

  1. Hi, I love the makeover. I recently purchased a white bed and im looking forward to paint my walls mustard. , can you please tell me what mustard wall color did you use?? Also from which company. Ill really appreciate it since im having a very hard time choosing a decent mustard wall color.

    1. I’m sorry Neda, the home was painted when we moved in and they didn’t leave any extra to know what color it was! We’ve since moved out of the home so I can’t check that for you. My apologies.

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