Ana’s Simple Nightstand, Redone

Back when the hubs and I first moved into his grandmother’s house, we started building some furniture to fill the place up. One of our first builds was Ana White’s Simple Nightstand:

Not bad, but not great either. Since we were still new at this whole building thing, we didn’t line up the top of the legs right so the top was all bowed out. Not a great look. It functioned well for a time, but it started bugging me. I have it currently sitting beside the twin bed in Charlie’s room (which I’m still sleeping in b/c she’s still not making it through the night *sigh*) and it’s just a tad too big for that space. And now that we’ve got both a kennel end table and midcentury console beside our bed in the master bedroom, I decided the nightstand had to go. So I knocked off the top with a hammer, used a jigsaw to get everything flush, filled in all the holes and gaps with putty, and repainted it. Now it’s all prepped to sell! And looking mighty fresh to boot.

I used Behr’s Thermal Spring paint that we had leftover from painting Charlie’s room over the white paint, and distressed it a little. I also spray painted the knob silver, since there may not be too many “N” peeps wanting to buy the table 😉

Originally we used some reclaimed wood my dad had given me from his barn stash, as well as a few extra pine boards. The drawer has simple wooden guides, not the fancy metal kind. It slides in and out pretty easily though.

I’ve listed it at $30. I think that should cover the cost to build a slimmer nightstand, probably this one. But with a shelf. And less deep.

Source: via Killer on Pinterest


I think $30 should be enough to cover the costs for the new table. Maybe even two! The revamped nightstand is now sturdier, doesn’t wobble, and looks great. I think it will be happy in a new home!


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