A Man Cave Makeover

So, there are a lot of folks out there who aren’t a fan of my man-cave. In fact, one comment I read described it as so fug, I should “throw my vagina out the window.” Hmmm. A little strange that my vagina is involved in a Man Cave anyway, since by definition the lady is hands-off in that room. But whatevs. Here’s a quick look at the offender:

Lots of orange and brown, yes?

Not so much my style, but the hubs loved it. We both were fine leaving it just like this, until we drove by the neighbor’s house. They had a bit of a water issue, and curbed a massive stash of laminate flooring. Yes, 100% FREE laminate floors in perfect condition! And not only that, but it’s Shaw brand laminate, which runs roughly $3.50 a square foot, so it’s quality stuff!

Um, wowzers! It was a snap to install *hee hee* and only took 4 hours. The moisture barrier was included, along with transitions. The only cost involved was about $50 for primed quarter round and some trim. We patched the area on the doorway and closet so there’s no brown paint showing at all anymore.

It looks fabulous! So much more like a real room, not a converted garage. I also painted the bookcase and back door white so they would blend in. No more brown anywhere 😉

We sold the couch because it was so heavy and hard to open (it was a sleeper) that we never used it. So we popped up our trundle and moved the deer valley duvet in. We also nixed the old vanity we were using as a tv stand and moved our shutter table from the entry way in. I just hot-glued some fabric as to screen all the cords. It’s made a huge difference in here! And the best part was we only used half of the stash of laminate. There wasn’t enough to use in any other room in our house, so we passed the freebies on to a very kind woman who is going to redo her old kitchen floor that she couldn’t afford otherwise. You gotta love that! It just goes to show that you always need to keep a lookout for good curb shopping, you never know what goodies you’ll find!


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