A Laundry Room Makeover, Take 2

If there’s one thing that really bugs me on design blogs, it’s when they makeover a room that had a perfectly good “before”. You know what I mean? All I can think is, “Why even bother with all the money and work? That room already looks great!” Well, I wouldn’t qualify my laundry room as “great”, exactly, but it was fine. And now I’m an offender, because I totally gave it a mini makeover. Here’s where we started:

Things that bugged me:

5 thoughts on “A Laundry Room Makeover, Take 2

  1. Okay, so I know you’ve posted stuff about your laundry room before and it never occured to me to think about it … but everything looks so glamorous and for some reason it stood out to me: WHERE do you keep the stuff to do actual laundry? 🙂 I took a day a few weekends ago to make our laundry room look more presentable, but I’ve still got an enormous shelf filled with different detergents and bleaches and dryer sheets and stain-remover sprays. I want to know how you hid all that crap. 🙂

    1. So are you ready for my dirty little secret? I’m totally the laziest laundry person ever, and luckily my husband is just grateful that his gets done and doesn’t care how I do it. I buy one all purpose detergent, and dump all our clothes in together. I do not separate. I don’t think I’ve ever bleached anything in my life. Luckily I’ve yet to pink-ify any whites! Oh, and I don’t use dryer sheets because they make my towels less absorbent. So there you have it! My powder soap is in a trifle dish on the center shelf, and my liquid soap is in an IKEA glass container on the lower shelf. I hide the lint rollers behind a photo. So really, I don’t have anything to hide 😉 And if anyone wants to tell me that not separating my clothes ruins them, I’ll just have them know I still have clothes from high school (10 years ago, eeps!) that is in perfect shape. BOOYAH!

      1. Sneaky! I went back and looked at the picture and yep, hiding detergent in a pretty bottle would do the trick.
        We do our laundry separately because I don’t trust hubs not to mess up my clothes. Last time he washed an ink pen with my brand new towels, and it exploded in the wash. So I do my own for my sanity. 🙂

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