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A Laundry Room Makeover, Take 2 | Killer b. Designs



A Laundry Room Makeover, Take 2

If there’s one thing that really bugs me on design blogs, it’s when they makeover a room that had a perfectly good “before”. You know what I mean? All I can think is, “Why even bother with all the money and work? That room already looks great!” Well, I wouldn’t qualify my laundry room as “great”, exactly, but it was fine. And now I’m an offender, because I totally gave it a mini makeover. Here’s where we started:

Things that bugged me:
• My framed kimono looked like crapola
• The Chrome Corner was getting pretty shabby looking
• The light fixture was super dim
• The black paint and curtain made the room look smaller and darker

So, I took down the art and replaced it with this $10 score from Buccees, of all places!

If you’re not familiar with Buccees, it’s like the Ultimate Gas Station. I don’t even know if you can call it just a “gas station”. It’s massive. Like the size of a small WalMart sometimes. Anyway, they’re dotted all over Texas, but Lake Jackson is their home town. So we have like 10 of them! Anyway, they carry these awesome coffee bean sacks with rustic frames for $10 each. Score! And the size was just about perfect for this little nook.

I replaced the light a few weeks ago, and decided to paint the hutch white. I also took the glass out of the doors and stapled on some chicken wire to give it a bit of a country look.

I think the wood frame pulls in to the appliance cart so much better than the old red one did. And I took down the satin curtain (which was probably a fire-hazard anyway) and replaced it with a drop cloth.

My $10 Book Tower also got a facelift with white paint. The whole room is looking 5 times brighter already.

So there you have it. My mini laundry room makeover! I’ll be back later today to show just how easy it is to make a ceiling-hung curtain, just in case you too have some sort of unsightly water heater or other appliance fugging up your room. I know I don’t normally post twice a day, but I have a project that I just cannot wait to share tomorrow!! Seriously, it’s like, the best ever! Cannot wait!


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  1. Allie

    Okay, so I know you’ve posted stuff about your laundry room before and it never occured to me to think about it … but everything looks so glamorous and for some reason it stood out to me: WHERE do you keep the stuff to do actual laundry? :) I took a day a few weekends ago to make our laundry room look more presentable, but I’ve still got an enormous shelf filled with different detergents and bleaches and dryer sheets and stain-remover sprays. I want to know how you hid all that crap. :)

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      So are you ready for my dirty little secret? I’m totally the laziest laundry person ever, and luckily my husband is just grateful that his gets done and doesn’t care how I do it. I buy one all purpose detergent, and dump all our clothes in together. I do not separate. I don’t think I’ve ever bleached anything in my life. Luckily I’ve yet to pink-ify any whites! Oh, and I don’t use dryer sheets because they make my towels less absorbent. So there you have it! My powder soap is in a trifle dish on the center shelf, and my liquid soap is in an IKEA glass container on the lower shelf. I hide the lint rollers behind a photo. So really, I don’t have anything to hide 😉 And if anyone wants to tell me that not separating my clothes ruins them, I’ll just have them know I still have clothes from high school (10 years ago, eeps!) that is in perfect shape. BOOYAH!

      1. Allie

        Sneaky! I went back and looked at the picture and yep, hiding detergent in a pretty bottle would do the trick.
        We do our laundry separately because I don’t trust hubs not to mess up my clothes. Last time he washed an ink pen with my brand new towels, and it exploded in the wash. So I do my own for my sanity. :)

  2. Amanda

    I love it – it’s looking great! And I totally don’t separate our laundry either – never had a problem!

  3. Emily @ Make It Happen Mama

    Oh man, I am super-homesick for Buccees! We moved back to Oregon last summer and there is nothing even close up here. One more reason to plan a move back to Texas in the next few years!

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