A Handmade Christmas: Photo Coasters

We’re leaving tomorrow to go celebrate Christmas with my family, so this past week has been a mad dash for presents. I’ve been painting and sanding and mod-podging my hands to the bone, and still have a couple more projects to finish. I made these cute little coasters for my sister, of her little niece, the adorable Miss C. To spice it up a little, I added some fabric scraps.

This is one of the simplest projects out there. Grab a plain tile from Lowes to the tune of 70 cents. They come in all kinds of colors. Cut some fabric scraps (or pretty paper). Apply a layer of mod podge, stick the fabric down, paint over another layer making sure all the fabric is stuck down, plop on a photo and top coat it with the ‘podge.

I tried to coordinate my fabric with the image. I think it worked pretty well. Plus, I love that this is not only a decorative present, but a functional one as well!

Look at my little cutie pie! She’s all ready to support a glass of cola with her chin 😉 It’s also a super quick project to whip out, taking me less than 30 minutes to finish it. And the cost is pretty minimal too, less than $5 for all three! Maybe I’m the oddball out there who just loves to collect coasters, but now I totally want to make some for our house despite having nearly 20 coasters already. Oh, well, at least we’re well prepared for a party!

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  1. Cute! Also, have you checked your site’s Pinterest page today? Mine seems to be alive again! Just wanted to give you the heads up : )

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