A Hand Built Holiday

So yesterday I mentioned buying Blurb albums and planners for Christmas gifts. But there’s no way I could have a holiday go by without building something! This year I’m making Charlie a Little Helper Tower and her own version of the Surfboard Table and Stools. She loved this one I made for the Austin Boxer Rescue charity auction

I may even get crazy and make her a pink version. Or more likely an orange one 😉 If you’re looking for some great gifts to make this year, here are some I’ve made and loved!

1) Perpetual Calendar


2) Ruler Growth Chart


3) Screenprinted Pillow


4) Flannel Chevron Rag Quilt


5) Homemade Hamburger Helper Jars


6) Upholstered Bucket Ottoman


7) Mason Jar Wall Vase


8) Wide Band Headbands


9) Striped Bench


10) Easiest T-shirt Quilt


2 thoughts on “A Hand Built Holiday

  1. Thank you so much for posting the link to the Anna knock-off “little helper” tower. My daughter (who isn’t that much younger than Charlie) has shown a premature interest with watching me cook and I’ve been eying those in the “expensive child stuff” catalog because it’s hard to cook one-handed. Aside from the ridiculous price tag on the commercial version, I don’t like the large gaping holes she can slip through. If I were to make her one myself, I could add some removable fencing to close-up those holes.

    1. You’re welcome Justin! I can’t wait to get it spray painted and test it out with her. She’s still at the age where Christmas isn’t a huge surprise so I’ve been testing out how she likes her presents 😉 I like the idea of closing up the large areas, great suggestion. That’s the beauty of making it yourself! Not only the smaller price tag (this one was $20 in lumber) but the ability to make it exactly how you want it.

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