A Farmhouse Sink Refinished

Excuse me while I pull my jaw up off the floor. Can you even believe this is the same sink?! I can’t! We took the sink to get refinished last week, and picked it up last night. We needed to drive 40 minutes to the great city of Pearland, so we figured we might as well make an event out of the whole thing. We packed up baby Charlie, invited our little SIL, and had dinner in the “big city”. Which was Texas Roadhouse, if anyone is wondering. We don’t have a steakhouse in our little town so it was quite a treat. Afterwards we met up with the sink wizard and picked up our beauty.

The cost to polish, patch, and coat the bowl was $225. Considering the sink was a $50 Craigslist find, and our budget was $300 (based on my IKEA backup sink price) we are thrilled. He even through in a non-abrasive scrubbing pad and cleaner so we don’t scratch or ruin it. If you’re in the Houston area and looking for someone skilled and affordable to refinish cast iron, enamel or porcelain, give Wesley a call. I cannot recommend him enough!

Wesley’s Art Works
Wesley McDougle

14 thoughts on “A Farmhouse Sink Refinished

  1. It looks fantastic! A farmhouse sink has been on my wishlist for a while… It’s so great that you were able to put the shine back on one that already has history!

    1. Thanks Marissa! That’s my ultimate goal with the house. Take as much as I can that’s already been around and make it like new again. Step 1: complete!

  2. Have you looked into installing them? I have heard you can only install them with Granite countertops. I just find this hard to believe since they are so “old” I want to use an old farmhouse sink too but everywhere has told me it has to be granite, except for the one at IKEA. That is my “backup too!!!

    1. That’s just silly! Someone is trying to upsell you or something. Granite is a relatively new countertop, these used to sit in metal and wood tops. I see them in all sorts of countertop styles on Pinterest and Houzz. Honestly, ours is the sort that doesn’t necessarily require a countertop, so I may just put it on a custom cabinet base I build for it, then just include counters around it. It doesn’t have to sit inside a countertop. There are also legs you can buy for them, but I don’t like seeing below the sink. I’ll either build it a cabinet or support system to hide with a curtain

      1. Thats what we think. We are having our house custom built this spring and the homebuilders said we can only do granite with a farmhous sink, and that is an additional $5,500!! Not in our budget. The salesperson at IKEA however said that their sink doesnt’ require granite and I verified this with the home builder and they said that was correct, so I dont get it!! I asked why and they said it has something to do with if the sink has a lip around it or not. Most of the newer sinks dont have the lip..thus requiring the granite to go over the top of the sink, rather than the sink sitting on top of the counterop like the traditional stainless sinks.

        1. Yeah I would definitely do a little online research. Ours has the lip, but you can use any countertop with undermount sinks as long as you support them. Obviously cast iron is very heavy and requires a lot more support than plastic or stainless. Try doing an image search for “undermount sink” and see all the different countertop options out there.

  3. The sink looks amazing! And man it’s been a long time since I’ve been to Texas Roadhouse … even though there’s one five minutes away!

    1. Thanks! And I can totally relate. Here’s something looking shabby and used and a week later it’s got a glossy new look! Too bad that didn’t happen like that for me post-pregnancy 😉 Wish we could all “bounce back” that easily!

  4. Hi. It has been over a year. Do you still think the finish on the sink was worth the time and money? The reason I am asking is because I have talked to people that re-do bathrooms etc. I was told this process would like the finish on a car. Pot’s / pan’s would just scratch it to pieces using it for a normal kitchen sink. I would like to know what you think. I have looked for places that bake on the finish but have yet to find one. Thank you, Tina

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