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A Corner Desk for the Man Cave | Killer b. Designs



A Corner Desk for the Man Cave

I feel like this project was never going to get finished! The Husbane started building this desk over a month ago, and the final touches just went on today. I thought I took process photos, but it seems they have mysteriously disappeared. To recap how he built this desk:
• Built a basic frame out of 2×2’s
• Cut one plywood sheet in half (24″ wide) and nailed it down into the 2×2 frame to keep it in place. The top overlaps the sides just a bit
• Screw in the rustic fence post legs using a cross brace of 2×2’s attached to the frame.

Voila! We had a desk! There was even enough material left over to make a little corner shelf.

Fancy huh? He’s also spent some time decorating his space. A lovely pig jawbone (yeah right, at least it’s out of my day-to-day line of sight!)  some fancy pictures (yup, that’s a lone wolf. Snazzy!) and this cool ruler star I put together for him.

The ruler belonged to his grandmother, so it’s certified vintage! Haha. I saw someone do this on a blog somewhere, but unfortunately didn’t Pin it so I can’t give them proper credit :( Sorry! It was a great idea though, and so easy! It looks appropriately rustic and vintage in the room.

The corner shape not only helps it maximize the space, it will give the hubs two separate workstations. He wants to start reloading his own ammo, so he’ll probably have a permanent station set up for the ammo press, and then this space for a computer or to do other projects. He also is a fan of the axis hide I picked up a few weeks ago draped over this garage-sale office chair. It’s so soft.The thing that held this project up for so long was deciding what to use on the desk top. We waffled around on metal, butcher block, or even pennies. But one day while browsing Home Depot, we stumbled upon these peel and stick vinyl tiles. For less than $30 (with our cheapest option of IKEA butcher block coming in at $60) we picked up enough tiles to cover the top and sides, as well as his shelf.

See how amazing that looks?? You can’t even see the seams! It looks like fancy, expensive laminate counter tops. We chose the “Shasta” style for his desk. It looks really good in the room. Plus, it’s a really durable surface, and it simple to apply. We used my paper cutter to make even cuts (since we were a little wobbly with the ruler-razor combo) and it worked like a charm. The sides are having a little trouble sticking, so we’re going to add in a few tack nails to keep them in place.

While the hubs used fence posts for most of the legs, this side support is actually my filing cabinet repainted in a bronze tone. We picked up another filing cabinet at a garage sale to house our actual files and serve as an end table for the couch. I’m really happy that the Husbane not only has his own space, but is getting a chance to make it fit all his needs with custom projects. We recovered the sofa bed, painted the walls, and now built a desk. There are a couple of projects left, but at least we’re making progress!

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