5 Tips for Surviving Your Baby’s First Year

We’re coming up on Charlie’s first birthday, and I have to admit that this has been a whirlwind of a year! I’m completely exhausted, but in a good way. We were pretty unprepared when our little lady debuted (what new parents aren’t?) but it seems that we’ve finally gotten in the swing of things. In no particular order, here’s my Top 5 Tips for Surviving Your Baby’s First Year!

1) Bathe With Baby

Charlie's First Bath. It was LOUD!

It’s hard to find time to shower or bathe when you bring your baby home. You’re completely wiped out of energy physically and mentally. You hardly have time to squeeze in a morning routine to brush your teeth some days! We found out early on that it’s super easy to hop in the tub with an infant, they actually love floating around and having a bit more mobility. And as Charlie grew and started sitting up on her own (about 4 months) we would sit on the floor of the tub and let the shower rain down on us. Not only did it guarantee we both got clean, it was solid entertainment for at least 30 minutes. It was the perfect way to fill up some of the time between naps!

2) Swings (and jumpers and gyms) aren’t the Devil.

2 thoughts on “5 Tips for Surviving Your Baby’s First Year

  1. Brooke you and Jacob have done an outstanding job with Charlie, and like you said you did what worked for you and her…she is great, healthy, happy, baby girl, who is almost one already….Lord how time flies….just think that if/when the next one comes along how much smarter you will be….love you

  2. good post brooke! there are 3 main things i have to tell myself when things get tough. 2 of them were passed down from other friends and the other i told myself. 1: everything is just a phase. some phases you will love and be sad when they pass and others you will dislike and will count down the days until you get past them. 2: he/she will go to college! you won’t nurse them forever, rock them to sleep for ever, etc…they will go to college. & 3: whatever works, works! if it works today, great and if doesn’t tomorrow, oh well, whatever, try something else. do what you have to do to survive!

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