$5 Photo Gallery

Last week, during our family fog of sickness, we picked up our gallery prints from Tricoast Photography. All I can say is, wow.

They look amazing! I love them so much. When we hung them, we centered them above our couch. We also centered them vertically, trying to split the difference on our gigantic wall. I was relatively happy with their positioning and size, but I thought the wall was still missing something. It needed just a little extra “wow”.

I got this idea from Ana White’s Easy Clip Art Rail plan. But instead of using clothespins, I used silver binder clips.

They were really easy to attach. I measured an equal distance between all six clips, marked it, put down a washer and secured it with a 1/2 inch screw. Easy as pie!

I used an 8 foot 1×4 board, and didn’t have to cut or sand it. These boards also come in 4, 6, and 10 foot lengths, so it would be simple to adjust the width without any sawing. Or you could get it cut for free in the lumber department. I gave it one coat of Minwax polyshades in Mission Oak, so it has just a slight gloss.

My favorite part of this project is not only does it anchor the wall, it’s an easy way to switch out photos and art. I snagged six 8×10 glossy photos from Walgreens for $12 with a coupon. This way, by switching things out to stay recent, this wall never feels outdated. Even with the newborn and maternity prints up there. I threw in a couple of engagement pictures for good measure.

So for less than five bucks and 30 minutes, I have a beautiful and fun new gallery on my wall. It would probably cost along the lines of $50 or more from a place like Pottery Barn. It’s decor like this that makes me so happy I can DIY!

7 thoughts on “$5 Photo Gallery

  1. I love that idea on that binder clip. Also, a good idea is to flip the binder clips around so you would have photos on the top and bottom going two different directions.

    1. You could also alternate the size of the clips, to include more. Then, you can have differently sized photos, and not have to use every clip! So many options for this project!

  2. Awesome! Thank you. For long term use, seems like having the photos mounted on foamboard or something reinforcing–maybe even cardstock, would be good for avoiding warping…?

    1. I just print my 8×10’s out at Walgreens for less than $2 each, mostly because of the binder clips. I’m concerned about them leaving a mark. But, attaching them to foam board or cardstock would be great too! The photos I printed a couple of months ago are looking great (flat and glossy!) while the one I have left hanging from the original post over 6 months ago is a bit curled around the edges. So if you’re wanting to keep ’em for a while, backing them would be a good idea

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