5 Board Console Tables

5 board console table

Plans here!

Have I got a treat for you guys today! You have to have seen this table before. You know, floating around Pinterest with the caption, “5 boards and some nails, so easy!” Well I’m here to tell you, it really is that easy. Like, 10 minutes easy. That’s all it took to build this table. I sent my Pin to Ana White to see if she could help me out with the angles. I’m still getting the hang of bevels and that kind of thing. Within the hour she had sent back a figure and some plans, and I got to work!

I built three different versions, starting with this cedar one. The top and sides are 2×8’s, and the supports are 1×6’s. It’s a tad skinny for a sofa table or console, but it would make a great bench. Right now it sits perfectly under my counter-height island. I may have to build a couple just for that!

Another idea would be to shorten the legs down to about 15″ and use 1×4’s on the sides and use it as a bench. In fact, I think I have another 2×6 in the barn right now…


This table is one built to Ana’s specs. 1×12 sides and top, made using the same reclaimed oak on our open shelving in the kitchen. As you see, it’s sourced locally from Austin, TX. I’m not sure how it got in my dad’s barn, but it sure does make a pretty table! While I used exposed deck screws for the cedar table, I chose to get a little fancier and drill some pocket holes and use nails on the supports. I’m glad I did, it’s a beautiful table!

It’s the perfect size for a drink and to corral those remotes! Though it would also look pretty good in an entryway, or even a bedroom. It’s a pretty versatile piece.

I must say though, if you’re going to build this table in its original “spirit”, do it with a 2×12. The grittier the better! I used some pine that’s been in the barn for quite a few years, and it’s delicious. Divots and scratches and all that stuff you have to beat new wood to look like. The sides are fence pickets, oddly in a 1×8 size. They were also just hanging out in there. My dad gets all the good stuff from the neighbors.

This finish is really amazing. I used one coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Provence, then used my white buffer pad (you find them in the paint section, about a 4×6″ rectangle) to apply the dark wax. I love the pad because it buffs the piece as I work the wax in and makes it smooth like buttah.

It’s going to be so hard not to keep this one! But I’m planning to have them all tagged and ready for my booth at the March Market Day (March 2 in Wimberley, for the locals. I’m at booth 392, come see me!) I think the blue one at least will be a hot ticket item. Considering how popular the inspiration table was on Pinterest, I’m hoping so! And with only a 10 minute time investment in building, I foresee a lot of these tables in my future. Plus it would make a great housewarming gift!

9 thoughts on “5 Board Console Tables

    1. Thank you Heather! They’re not live yet, but they should be very soon. I’ll be sure to link up and announce it when they are

  1. I didn’t see this table on Pinterest, and I hate to say it, it’s not my style. Too country/rustic.
    But if I had this kind of table I would probably paint a pattern on it or do a mosaic. But I could never just leave it plain.
    But it looks real simple and “easy peasy” – maybe I’d just adjust the sideboards so they are more straighter… and I proud myself of not being a normal kind of person when it comes to home decor etc… humph.. I surprise even myself sometimes!

    1. Thanks for your comment Marie. The “primitive” style isn’t for everyone, but you’re right it does lend to a lot of decorative treatments. I see a lot of primitive furniture painted with elaborate floral scenes, and they’re beautiful. I, however, really appreciate this console in its simplicity. Besides, I’m just not a very skilled painter! I’m not sure what you mean by “more straighter”, is it because they don’t make perfect x’s? That kind of put me off too in the beginning, but I like it now. Perhaps if the top edge was lowered so the corners were flush (like the bottom) it would make an X. I may try that on another bench!

      1. That’s probably it! It’s a crooked X… I am sure I would grow to love it too, in it’s simplicity. I am just in a decorative phase right now and I must “change” everything I lay my hands on. I will outgrow this, I am sure of it!
        I have a nice cabinet and when I suggested that I am going to paint it… you could have heard a pin drop. So i just smiled oops…. some things should not come out of my mouth and just lay dormant in my head. Ha Ha!

  2. We do not need a tutorial fort this DIY project upon looking at this table you can easily make it in your own. Simplicity makes a perfect result… ๐Ÿ™‚ By the way thanks for sharing

  3. really simple idea.. but wow – it looks awesome!! have you more of those things in your house? i would like to see the tutorial, too! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thank you! I built all 3, but plan to sell them at the local flea market next month. If they don’t sell, then I think I may find a permanent home for one. I love these little tables! The tutorial for the plan is linked at the top of the post, over on Ana White’s website.

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