$4 Simple Horseshoe Tray

A few weeks ago I was browsing through my Pinterest boards looking for some inspiration for a quick project. I ran across an adorable horseshoe tray and decided to build my own! I didn’t take process photos, but it was a really simple project. I started with a scrap 1×12 cut to 15.5″ long. I had some 1×3 scrap leftover from my play kitchen project and used it for the sides. Each side measures 17″, with the two ends at 11.5″ (or the width of the 1×12).

I decided to use pocket holes to join the sides to the base so there would be no visible screws from the top. I drilled 3 holes per side and used 1 1/4″ pocket hole screws to attach each board. This was really a 10 minute project! So easy and fun. For the handles I had two horseshoes I’d bought at an antique store booth for $1 each. We had planned on using them to hand towels from on our old Farmhouse Vanity but never got around to it. So I just popped two 3/4″ screws into each side of the horseshoes and had some unique tray handles!

I’m still looking for some nice rustic hardware to use on the corners. But for a completely free project, I’m pretty impressed! If you were to buy lumber to build this tray, it would cost about $8 for two trays.

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