21″ Cabinets, Pinterest Style!

You may have heard by now, but I built my own kitchen cabinets using Purebond plywood and amazing plans from Ana White (which will go live starting the 21st). However today I’m going to show you how I used the plans as a jumping off point to customize my cabinets inspired by ones I’ve seen on Pinterest. Specifically, those amazing deep drawers to store your silverware upright!

It’s changed my life. Seriously. I’m one of those people who has three different full sets of forks and knives and spoons I’ve collected over the years. What can I say, I just don’t like to run out! It’s even deep enough to store my sharp cutting knives. I hide them in the back where its hard for my toddler to reach. And the drawer below is just as deep, which is perfect for corralling my explosion of tupperware. Even with those fancy snapping lids that “organize”, they always end up all over the place. So I just dump them in a drawer and move on 😉

(ps, see all that wasted space in the drawer before? So nice to fit all my forks and spoons and knives in one place now!)

Here’s how I modified the plan:

8 thoughts on “21″ Cabinets, Pinterest Style!

  1. Killer, your hubby must love you. While he is watching the game your in the garage building cabinets and installing them. AAH the perfect marriage! Do you have silencers on your drills and saws so he hear the announcers and the halftime show? Seriously I am always impressed with your inventiveness and courage to try something new. Keep it up. You inspire us.

    1. Jake, he’s happy with the end result, not so much the process. Luckily I seem to have found myself that rare breed, a guy who could care LESS about sports! And thank goodness, because they bore me senseless. Except tennis. I can get into some tennis 😉 He mostly likes to watch hunting shows where they shoot deer so noise isn’t a problem. I’ll take an outdoorsman over an athlete any day!

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